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Mitaki-Japan AM/FM/Weather Band Emergency Crank Radio

0.70 lbs each, Item ELCRANK

Emergency Crank Radio

The perfect addition to an emergency kit. When the electricity goes off at home work or while traveling you can listen to the radio by simply cranking this radio for approximately 60 seconds. 1 minute of cranking will give you 30 minutes of usage. Comes with telescopic antenna, 2" speaker, ear bud headphones and built in power generator. Also runs on 2AA batteries or 6V AC adapter (not included). Never be caught in an emergency without a crank radio! You never have to buy batteries again, just crank the lever and play! 90 day warranty. Gift boxed.

Suggested retail price: $31.95


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LED Crank Flashlights

Mitaki-Japan® 2pc LED Crank Flashlight Set

This wind-up flashlight, also known as a hand crank flashlight is truly a green product; it never needs batteries! If you take time to review these crank flashlights you will find the quality is amazing for the price. The three super bright LED lights on each flashlight uses very little power while providing enough light to illuminate any work space.

Our LED crank flashlight set includes: two 3-bulb LED wind-up flashlights featuring hand cranks and 2 brightness settings; have 1 led bulb on or all three on at the same time. Just 60 seconds of hand cranking provides approximately 2 hours of power or you can use 2 AA batteries (not included). Each flashlight measures 4-1/4” x 1-7/8” x 1”. Clam packed for easy resale or gift giving.

Suggested Retail Price: $32.95
0.51 lbs, Item ELCRANK2

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Crank Lantern, 7 LED\'S

Mitaki-Japan® Crank Lantern with 7 LED Lights

Our environmentally friendly LED crank lantern requires no batteries! The lantern can be powered by cranking the handle or by 4 AA batteries; whichever is most convenient for you. Each crank lantern includes 7 ultra-bright LED lights that last 10 years each or longer. There are 4 different light settings. The finish is rubberized for durability. Measures 4-5/8" x 4-5/8" x 7-1/2". Gift boxed in full color retail packaging.

Suggested Retail Price: $43.95
1.01 pounds each, Item ELCRLA

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Hand Crank Flashlight, Alarm and Radio

Hand Crank Flashlight, Alarm and Radio

Mitaki-Japan Hand Crank Flashlight, Alarm and radio
The perfect companion in emergency situations is our hand crank flashlight. This emergency flashlight radio combo features FM radio, three LED lights, earphone jack and alarm. Also, this hand crank emergency light has a place for a DC output socket (DC cord not included) for times when you do not want to crank the radio. One minute of winding gives you approximately 30 minutes of all lights, 7 minutes of radio play time and 10 minutes with the alarm. or, you can use only 1 of the features for a longer period of time.

The crank gear is easily wound and will not tire your hand. Each flashlight is individually gift boxed for easy distribution or gift-giving. Don't be caught in an emergency without a crank radio, flashlight and alarm (siren). You will not need to scramble around looking for batteries, simply crank for 1 minute or more and you have instant light. This emergency wind-up flashlight is a handheld battery free dynamo flashlight. It combines radio, alarm and LED flashlight into one easy to use unit. It does not need any external power source. Generate bright light, listen to the radio and have an alarm anywhere, anytime with the built in wind up handle. This flashlight is also environmentally friendly.

Suggested retail price: $29.95
0.50 lbs each, Item ELCRFA

This product is currently OUT-OF-STOCK, it will be in stock on
Saturday June 19th, 2010

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Weather Station

Weather Station


Mitaki-Japan® Indoor/Outdoor Weather Station

Our home weather station features temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius from -58ºF to 158ºF and humidity from 20% to 99%. Receive weather forecasts wirelessly from your home, office or tent. The 12/24 hour clock with alarm and snooze, calendar with day, week, month, and year and lunar phase will insure you always know what time it is. One LR1130 battery is required and included. Each indoor-outside weather station measures 2-1/8” x 4-1/4” x 1-1/8” and comes individually gift boxed.

Suggested Retail Price: $21.95
0.32 lbs, Item ELWEATHER3

This product is currently OUT-OF-STOCK, it will be in stock on
Monday May 24th, 2010


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Emergency Flashlight


- Emergency Flashlight -


Our Instant-on emergency flashlight is the perfect light for any situation. With our Camelion flashlight light is at your finger tips. Simply grab the light from it's mount and it comes on instantly without needing to be turned on. The heavy duty krypton bulb is up to 70% brighter than conventional bulbs and is not prone to break easily. The shock resistant flashlight is an essential part of any emergency preparedness kit and works reliably every time.

The self adhesive tape and screws allow for easy mounting on different surfaces so your light is readily accessible anytime. An emergency flashlight like this is ideal for use in the house, kitchen, office, garage or car when traveling. Uses 2 "D" batteries (not included)

Suggested retail price: $15.95
.55 pounds each, Item #FLEM2D-GB

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Squeeze Powered LED Light


Crank Powered LED Light


Dual Powered Hand Squeeze LED Light.
LED light uses 3 white LED lights that NEVER require replacement bulbs or batteries! This hand powered LED flashlight uses innovative dynamo technology to produce electricity with the squeeze of your hand. Our LED light is perfect for emergency kits where flashlights often sit for long periods without use. The powerful beams of light are visible up to a mile away! Measures: 2.625"H x 4"L x 1"D. LED light is individually packaged in full color pack. These LED flashlights have an easy slide on off button and can be used with only one hand. This 2-in-1 flashlight can also use 2 CR2032 button cell batteries (batteries are included) which are easily replaceable. The convenient strap is used to hold the flashlight securely in place while in use or in storage. Don't miss our other wholesale flashlights in our tools category.

Suggested retail price: $19.95
0.80 pound each, Item MTPCLED


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