The Mayan Calendar Applied
by Ian Xel Lungold

The Sacred Mayan calendars have over the last few years gained more and more of people's attention around the world.

Possibly this is a consequence of the all too human tendency to focus on impending catastrophes such as was imagined at the turn of the century which we all just went through. The Mayan calendars are due to come to an end soon and this would be reason enough to set some to worrying. I personally believe there is a much larger reason for this increased attention. The Mayan culture has had its allure for people from all over the globe. We are fascinated by the method and attitude in which we believe they lived, in a special harmony with all of nature. In a way, somewhat removed from the physical world, living half in magic and treading very lightly on the earth.

Most people who have studied the Maya hold this vision of the Classic Maya culture as a beacon shining from the past to light a path of hope for mankind. Many reach out to that ancient culture as an example that such a relationship can exist, with some hope of our future being at least as bright, as time they enjoyed here on Earth. We feel an attraction to the Maya that can't quite be explained in physical terms.

What was it or is it, that gives this culture its mystique?

The very core of their civilization is the source of this wonder. It is the calendar system of the Maya and the profound astrological and prophetic nature of this system that attracts the most attention --- as well it should.

This marvelous calendar system times every natural cycle or process that we can find. From an electron's frequency of orbit around it's nucleus, to the musical scale, to our own 26,000 -year orbit known as the procession of equinoxes, this calendar system does it all. This marvelous ancient invention actually weaves the Binary and the Fibonacci sequences together. These two number sequences have been shown to be the base patterns for all of biology and chemistry. The Mayan sacred calendar blends these frequencies into a ratio of 13:20. Our physical existence on this planet is tied directly to the ratio of 13:20. There are 13 cycles of the moon in one year. The human reproduction cycle follows this moon cycle. 13 are the number of major joints in your body 6 below the waist and 7 above. You have 20 fingers and toes. There are 20 different amino acids that make up the codons of your DNA. 13 x 20 = 260. There are 260 days in the Tzolkin calendar. The human being is the only life form to have 260 different types of cells in our body. 260 days are 9 months, the gestation period of the human being. Your own study of the Mayan calendar would unfold many more examples then we have the time or space to mention here. Suffice it to say, these Maya guys "somthin goin on" with their calendar.

Very recently, scientific discoveries have been made which show that the Mayan Calendar is the schedule of the unfolding of all of reality for the last 16 billion years.........I will let that soak in for a few seconds.

What you just read is: science has now gone and proven that God does exist. We now know that there is a Divine Plan and so, Duh! A Divine Planner. How do we know? We know the schedule of the Plan. It is the Mayan Calendar system.

Mayan Calendar Resurrected

What were once seen as a mysterious but dead time keeping system, the Mayan Tzolkin and Tun calendars have been resurrected by startling recent scientific discoveries.

The very crux of the mystery, "What were the Maya timing?" is now our answer.

These discoveries breathe life back into the Mayan calendar system and show us its true purpose in these times for these times.

No longer is this time system some lost mystery for archeologists to puzzle over.

As the most important discovery ever in human history, we now have scientifically discovered and placed all the border pieces of the puzzle of reality itself.

The Mayan Tzolkin and Tun Calendars stand like a loom supporting the weaving of the pattern of all of reality for at least the last 15 billion years.

The scientific proofs are not difficult to see or understand

Any standard set of encyclopedias will provide ample proof to any investigator.

Now is the time for everyone here on Earth, who may be interested in more understanding, scientist or not, to help to fill in the whole pattern.

The Internet will be an important tool to gather dates and data of when discoveries or breakthroughs were made, when wars occurred or weather patterns, Ecological booms or bursts. All theses and many more avenues of study will show more and more detail of this pattern of creation that will lead us directly to a clear view of the future.

This is what the Maya had going on in their own civilization. From thousands of year of observation and notation the Maya knew the pattern and could predict coming changes to reality. We can reconstruct this wisdom in very short order and we need to.

We can do this together. It no longer takes official titles or even trained minds to witness these truths.

The Mayan calendar is much, much more than archeologists have guessed so far.

Following a multiple disciplined lines of scientific investigation, Dr. Carl J. Calleman, a Biochemical engineer from Sweden, has succeeded in discovering the purpose of the Mayan calendar. Prophecy of course but --- It is the Portal of Intuition.

As we shall soon see, this is a vastly important fact for our next step of human evolution.

The Maya Calendar System

This systems mechanical workings and relationships are covered in great detail in many books but never before with the following understanding.

The Tun (360 days) and Tzolkin (260 days) calendars do not correspond to any observable orbital frequencies. This is because these calendars are not geared to physical cycles as most Earth calendars have traditionally been. Our Gregorian calendar for example is based on the rotation of our planet around the Sun. The Julian calendar, the Maya Haab calendar as well as the ancient Egyptian civil calendar all do the same measure. This is a very local effect and of not much consequence to the rest of the solar system not to mention the rest of the galaxy.

Limited effect means limited use

The Maya calendar system does not suffer this limitation. The Tun calendar of 360 days is the Macro-Cosmic time scale of evolution. It is known as the divine calendar as any circle can be divided into 360 equal degrees and describes the divine order of creation in cycles. It was used as a prophetic calendar to predict what sort of lens reality would be projected through at any given time period.

The Tzolkin or 260 day calendar is the Micro-Cosmic time scale. This was and still is used as the astrological or personal calendar. It is seen as having to do with day to day life here on earth. The energy of each day of creation is described by this calendar.

The Tzolkin is also the record of change in energy of all the larger cycles as well so the two calendars work together to weave reality.

What Dr Calleman has discovered, is that all of history and prehistory, all the way back 15 billion years to the Big Bang, has unfolded or occurred on the timing of these Maya calendars.

Simply by laying the dates of important developments in our evolution alongside the Maya calendars a pattern emerges. At each shift of the Maya calendar in time scale, there were major advancements or catastrophes in our evolutionary path.

Buy the way, it does no one any good to merely believe that last statement. Just believing is no where near as exhilarating either. Understanding this on your own is the only basis from which you can fully open the Portal of Intuition. That understanding takes looking for your self, not believing myself or anyone else.

Mayan Calendar Cycles

The Mayan calendars are built in 9 levels or 9 major stages of evolutionary development. The longest and still running cycle has been 15 billion years long. Its product, was the living cell so it is called the Cellular Cycle. The next cycle of evolutionary development was the Mammalian Cycle, (first animals) which started some 820 million years ago. Next came the Familial Cycle, a consciousness stage of the first monkeys 40 million years ago. The Tribal Cycle follows, (2 million years ago) developing Homo erectus and winding up with Homo sapiens. From there Consciousness began to form Cultures (102,000 years ago) and thereafter the National Cycle began (3115 BC) when the first nations were formed, we started writing and the first pyramids were built. The Planetary Cycle came to full strength in 1992 with the invention of the internet. The 8th or Galactic Cycle, began on 1/5 1999. The last or Universal Cycle will complete 10/28 2011.

Levels and Waves of Time

Each of the 9 levels is sub divided into 13 waves, 7 peaks of light and 6 troughs of dark. Each succeeding level is 20 times shorter than the previous level. In effect the frequency of the 13 waves, increases dramatically from one cycle to the next. Evolution has a built in acceleration factor of 20 to the 9th power.

For those of you who have had the perception that time is speeding up --- you are correct.

Starting from a Pure Static 15 billion years ago, there has been an incredibly slow but steady acceleration. Just as it is impossible for us to relate to absolute stillness (Astro-physists clock you moving at somewhere around 630,000 miles per/hour sitting in your chair) we can not imagine the rate the rate of change we will see in the next 10 years.

While there are many avenues to explore using these recent discoveries, concerning the nature of reality and the possibility of actually steering our destiny, I want to bring up one very important point. Consciousness is speeding up. This as all change, brings both Good News and Bad News. I'm going to give you the Good news first and the Bad ain't so bad after all.

First, if everything is happening quicker and more occurring in each and every second than ever before, then necessarily more and more must be possible to happen. Havenít you noticed that more and more things you never thought would be possible now are? How can this be happening? Do you suppose there is some connection between time speeding up, wild stuff becoming fact and the Mayan Calendar?

As time stacks tighter and tighter on top itself time lines are blurring. This means that all of your dreams can and will come true in the next few years. (More detailed information on this later) Just watch what you ask for.

Let's do a mental demonstration.

Think of a line of standing dominos. Oh alright! Go ahead and push the first one over. That was fun. Each domino took some time to lean over and knock over the next and then the next and so on.

Now hold a deck of playing cards in your mind's hand, bend them and spray them all out into the air and on to the floor. That was a lot faster wasn't it? And many more random possibilities occurred didn't they?

This is a simple demonstration of the way that the creation of moments is accelerating. The more that happens in each second, the more elastic reality becomes.

As another example:

July 19 2000, MSNBC INTERACTIVE --- Can anything break the cosmic speed limit of 186,000 miles per second? For weeks, scientific circles have been buzzing about an experiment that pulsed light through a special chamber so fast that it left the apparatus before it fully entered it.

Now the research has been released at last, and the experimenters say their findings contradict no laws of physics --- just the misconceptions people have about them.

Speeding Up a Light Wave

Lijun Wang, Alexander Kuzmich and Arthur Dogariu used a different kind of exotic medium in their experiment: The researchers used lasers to"pump" cesium atoms, contained in a 6-centimeter (2.4-inch) chamber, to an excited state that doesn't occur naturally. Because of this shift, the pulse popped up on the other side of the chamber far sooner than it should have, based on the speed of light in a vacuum. In fact, the time difference --- 62-billionths of a second --- meant that the peak of the pulse appeared on the far side of the chamber before it entered the near side of the chamber. That's an instance of what's known as "negative delay" or "negative velocity," a phenomenon that seems paradoxical. It was almost as if the light wave could figure out, on the basis of the very beginning of the pulse, how to reconstruct the full peak on the other side. This isn't the first time researchers have made light waves travel "faster than light," but it's the most clear-cut case.

Well, there are plenty misconceptions to go around but look at what was just possible.

The entire experiment took less than 3 millionths of a second. Particles appeared before they were sent. Are you getting this? The closer creation moments are stacked together the more possibilities there are.

The acceleration of Creation will continue. This actually means that at sometime in the near future, (probably Oct 28, 2011, end of Mayan calendar). Everything will happen at once. The illusion of time will be evaporated.

That's why the calendar ends. No more time.

Great! We all get home for Christmas!

Well, that's the Good News. What we need to also look at is that your mind has a speed limit.

A View of the Mind

There have been many misconceptions about the mind. Some people still think that the brain is the mind. We are going to depart from the notion that your brain is your mind.

We are going to call your mind the measurable and detectable electro-magnetic standing waves that form the mental images with which you record your experience. These standing waves are sometimes called the Aura or etheric body of an individual.

The point is that these mental images are recorded at 24 frames per second. This is how cartoons or movies work. Old time movies were filmed and shown at 18 frames per second and you can see the gaps. Everything was jerky. Now they are shown at 25 frames per second. Look no gaps! All of our perceptions are received at this rate of 24 frames per second. This is the most basic agreement of all in the human race. We all do it the same. If we did not, we would perceive some different frequency now wouldn't we?

Could a different frequency possibly be a different reality? For a live demonstration watch your television and change the frequency of the tuner to see what happens. (switch channels) Some of you may have had or know someone who had a near death experience or accident were they saw time slow down, go to a frame by frame experience, or stop altogether. Some have had these perceptions on drugs of various kinds.

... even though your mind has a speed limit, Consciousness, your awareness does not. This is very Good News!

These experiences are completely unforgettable because they are a clear shot at the truth.

The mind takes pictures at 24 per second. Awareness, your awareness, can stand back and witness this fact. Very interesting! So what? This means that even though your mind has a speed limit, Consciousness, your awareness does not. This is very Good News!

So if creation is speeding up --- which means that things are changing faster and faster --- then creation itself is going to be eventually pushing on the mind's speed limit.

What would that feel like?

STRESS!! That's what.

Built into the hardware of your mind is a natural warning device that your environment or personal thoughts are producing too much change. That you are approaching that 24 frames per second speed limit and youíre flipping too many pictures.

Throughout most of human history individuals would have to create very special circumstances to approach these limits.

1000 years ago most people lived in a small village or town of a few hundred people and met maybe 5000 people in their lifetime. You now see and have to deal with that many on the way to work each day. Most people 1000 years ago would never know what kinds of trouble or opportunities were happening around the other side of the world. Now we have them pumped to us in great detail hourly on the news.

Consciousness accelerating has produced the tools to split the second into billionths. Computers, a product of the Planetary Consciousness Cycle of the Mayan calendar, have further increased the demand on all of our minds just to keep up.

You are getting the idea. We Got Stress! We Got Burn-out!

And there is a lot more on the way! What does this mean? Will we all go crazy?

Yes. In the most literal sense we will all, go out of our minds. Is this all so terrible?

What is just outside our minds?

You have gone there more often than you recognize.

It is the most natural of all states of being. What is just beyond our minds is called Intuition. How did you know that idiot in traffic was going to pull a weird stunt? What made you slow down or change lanes a few seconds before just so you wouldnít crash into them? Intuition? What made you call someone just in time to make that important connection? Intuition?

You have all had these experiences and they all have one thing in common. No matter how long or short the experience, it was a timeless moment. We will go into that in a few little while. First I want to ask, "If this is so natural why don't we do it all the time?"

A simple formula states that intuition is knowing, and knowing is power. Supply and demand economics says the less power is available the more valuable power becomes.

Shamans, Kings and religious leaders would not want powerful people just running around everywhere so intuition has been compartmented, labeled and eventually banned as witchcraft. Knowledge itself has been declared a sin. (As in Eve and Adam, the Apple tree, Satan and all of that.) Still today most people are more comfortable saying "I don't know" rather than "I do know" about anything. The Catholics did a great job during the Inquisition, of putting a stop to any profession of having intuition. To be known to have intuition was a public death sentence by sword, rope or torch.

That is where our intuition went. We chose not to perceive it any more.

What is so important about Intuition anyway?

Besides being the most natural and comfortable of all experiences,

It is the next step of our evolution as a species.

It is the last few seconds of the NBA playoff. Millions of persons are watching, cheering and betting. A 1 point lead will carry one team to fame and endorsements. The losers will go take a shower and a long ride home. Is this pressure? Are you sure? What about the player who grips the ball with sure hands, plants his feet and takes "that" shot.

He "knows" as the ball leaves his fingertips that it will not miss. He has climbed back into his game. This is what his astronomical salary is all about. This is why we venerate our athletic stars as gods or Heroes. He is "IN THE ZONE." He has no pressure for he is timeless. There is no time. He is instinctual. He is intuitive.

Each of you has had moments when "time stood still." Moments in love, moments when beauty of any sort swept you away. These are the peak experiences of your lives. These are times when you were being intuitive. A trip to a museum gives you the opportunity to receive information from ancient crafts persons and artists through intuition. Paintings donít need a title now do they? Just looking at them you get the message. And time? Where did it go?

Welcome to the Evolution

A working definition of evolution is; the increase of choice related to survival. The more tools available from which to choose the more likely the survival of the species.

At one time consciousness used the tool of a hard shell to protect the mollusk laying on the ocean bottom. We gave that up for the choice of more mobility. Later we gave up the gills that took some millions of years to build so that we could take a walk up the beach to dry land. Much later, it was our tails that grew shorter and shorter until they were gone and we were walking upright on two legs. Each of these tools for survival was replaced by an increased amount of available choice. Swinging by tails was fun but so is flying in a airplane and weíve got that choice because of our mind.

The changes spoken of took millions and then many hundreds of thousands of years.

Each successive generation changed just slightly, hardly noticeable at all.

That is not our situation today or tomorrow.

Our next step in evolution will be made wide awake with full consciousness during the next 10 years. We will do this one ourselves. We walk away from the mind and thinking so that we can be open to "knowing" as our next tool.

We have the choice of whether to do this or not. I personally believe that most people have already made that choice for themselves. Those who have chosen to keep thinking stopped reading this message on page 3.

There is coming a great cleaving

Imagine you're on a bus. The bus keeps going faster and faster. Some people are going notice and want to get off. Let them go. They would not be happy where we are going.

If you want more knowing and understanding come along.

If that seems like too much responsibility then get off now, just donít try to take anyone with you. It is just that simple.

Naturally, There Will Be Changes

Our consciousness is not the only one that is being accelerated. Animals who have always been much more intuitive are shifting their consciousness to places elsewhere more to their particular liking.

The Earth herself is preparing for a "make over" as we get closer to the graduation ceremony of consciousness.

Natural disasters and unnatural weather patterns that are coming to this planet are a shifting in consciousness of our mother earth. All of consciousness is speeding to a shift point that includes the sun and all of the stars not just what we usually consider "Life Forms". The Sun has been exhibiting a great deal of excitement over the last few years.

As these changes occur will bring one very bright lesson to everyone. The News media will become the greatest teacher of this message. Amongst all of the survivors there will be this recurring message, "I don't Know, I just felt like I had to go outside as quick as I could then the whole building fell down behind me" or "I just felt like I had to stop and stand right here. The whole thing missed me by just inches." "I knew we would all be safe if we just...."; You've got the idea.

The biggest story will not be the hundreds of thousands dead. That will be too much to confront in the first place. The biggest story will be the millions who survived by some miracle called Intuition.

Maybe it is getting clearer why intuition is important and possibly you would like to know more about how to increase your own intuition.

Okay, here we go

Why does intuition always contain timelessness as part of the experience?

Because for these moments your consciousness is in sync with the flow of creation itself.

You are flowing with creation so time does not pass you by. Didn't it feel just like that?

The Mayan civilization has held a special mystique that draws us toward it. We sense a natural power there that we long to be rejoined with. The center of their civilization was their calendar system just as our Gregorian calendar is for us. Think about it. How do you run your life? By the calendar baby, be there on Monday to work to pay the bills by Friday or you got trouble my friend. This is all the currently used calendar is good for, Taxes, bills and harvest.

The Maya had a different goal of tracking time but a calendar system was still the center.

The Mayan calendars have now been proven to be the flow rate of Creation.

All one has to do to increase his or her intuition is to follow the days on the Mayan calendar. By simply paying attention to the individual energies of each day your consciousness will be automatically tuned to the flow and pattern of creation.

This is the purpose of the Mayan calendar: to gently and naturally, tune your consciousness to the flow of Creation, the one source of all intuition and knowing.

Didn't we sort of know that already?

Yes, but we only thought so and that's where we left off.

Due to an amazing string of coincidences over the last 4 years (they have been accelerating in frequency I might add) there are now very simple tools to help you follow the days on the Maya calendars.

The Mayan Calendar and Conversion Codex, is the primary tool. With this one instrument you will be able to track the energies of the Tzolkin calendar and adjust your consciousness to the micro-cosmic flow of creation.

Seeing as how we are very firmly attached to "Figuring things out" you would be well served to read Dr. Carl Calleman's books on the subject of the Mayan calendars.

Might as well use that mind while it still has a grip.

Soon there will be available a Consciousness "TUN UP KIT" that can go on your refrigerator door or any flat surface. This is a more advanced but still very simple tool by which you can keep track of the daily energies and the movement of the Tun or Macro Cosmic calendar. You can order these tools and or books by contacting us at, Sorry no shopping basket as yet.

The truth will now walk among us and we shall know as from our own knowing.

This page is reproduced here due to my personal paranoia that a web page may disappear for one reason or another and the link will become contaminated by another web site that takes it over.  I wish to preserve this page but also wish to acknowledge that this is the work of Ian Xel Lungold and is NOT owned by Ask The Dragon .org.  Please see copyright below.

Copyright 2000 Ian Xel Lungold

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