Maps of the Future World

OK!  Let's face it.  Earthquakes galore, tidal waves aplenty, volcanoes making some areas rise and other areas fall, tectonic plate shifts, polar shifts, magnetic shifts, solar flares, and on and on and YOU don't think this will have an effect on our Planet?  Or do you ... here are some maps to check out to get an idea of what is to come.  Might be time to move the home 20.

Check out the following ... Choose from YOUR Choice of Several Maps:

By popular demand and suggestions and arm bars we present:


This is the MOST Detailed Map I could find that could be moved to our website .  The Gordon Scallion Map is also touted as being one of the most accurate, but it did not copy well so you might want to order an actual wall size map from Michael at his website which can be accessed through the above link on this page.


Scallion's U.S.A. Future Map


Scallion's World Map

Note How ALL the World Maps show either a new continent in the Pacific, New Hawaii perhaps(?) and then most show a New Atlantis off of the USA East Coast.  I call dibs on the New Hawaii locations closest to the Equator!


Will have MORE TO COME as I find it ...