Letters from Dartagnon, the Webmaster

Greetings & Salutations,


We live in an amazing time period.  Never before in the last 16.2 billion years have we ever had so many things updating, occurring, re-occurring, intersecting, and uplifting ... at the exact same time period.  For example:

  1. We are at the end of our 25,000 year age of Pisces.  Age changes have always been recorded in history as being stressful and challenging at best.  It is expected that 80% of our population will cease to exist in the next 3 years most likely and as far away as 5 - 10 years (according to those who feel that the math that ascribes December 21, 2012, as the transition period into the Age of Aquarius and the beginning of Global Conscious Co-creation, a bit flawed.  I have verified the math and IMHO Creation will complete itself in October of 2012.  This is the FIRST mystifying occurrence that will intersect with many others in 2012 ... that CREATION will complete itself.  Once Creation completes itself, linear time will cease to exist, thus making the past, present, and future ALL a part of the NOW.  This is why the Mayan Calendar ENDS ... it is NOT the end of the World but the end of time.  No time = No Need for a Calendar!
  2. Massive weather changes have already begun.  Earthquakes, tidal waves, tectonic changes beyond ones imagination, and a lighting of many volcanoes previously believed to be extinct, will be the highlights but not the limit of what is to happen.  Many say that this cannot be and yet it has already begun.  This website has links to the active volcanoes as well as the number, size, and location of most earthquakes over 2.0.  Looking at noted volcanoes there is a formula that will show you where the next quake is most likely to occur.  All of these weather anomalies have various originations including H.A.A.R.P., the magnetic changes that have already begun, the pole changes that have begun (the North Pole is heading toward Russia right now at about 34 miles / day).  
  3. Earth is having a noticeable problem with its rotation.  You can see this for yourself by looking at the moon when it rises and check it each hour after that, until it sets.  You will notice that the orbit changes half way through its travel across the skies.  Whereas it may have always risen and set on one side of your house it will now often rise as normal but may set on the opposite side of your house.  Or rise strangely and then set as before.  This is due to a "wobble" in the Earth's rotation.  If this wobble intensifies you have only to watch a top as it nears the end of its spin to see what will happen to the Earth.  Such a distortion would be devastational to mankind. 
  4. Many people feel that time has accelerated and yet, in actuality, it is Creation that is growing ever faster in order to complete itself by October of 2012.  In order for humans to cope with the accelerated pace AND be prepared to enter the Age of Aquarius, Mother Nature is upgrading us to become 5th Dimensional, as will all living beings on the planet Earth.  This has been happening since 1960 for many and began in earnest April 13, 2008, gradually bringing EVERYONE from 7 hertz frequency to 12 hertz.  As our hertz level rises we become more empathic, understanding, compassionate, and our individual minds slowly bond into ONE mind, on demand.  One would continue as normal and have individual thoughts but upon meditation that ones mind would tune into the "World Mind".  Fear will become a thing of the past as we will be reassured by the "many" that there is nothing to fear and answers to all problems will be available for the asking.
  5. On Feb 10, 2011 the newest update for mankind will be "Conscious Co-Creation".  Any two or more minds who ask for something to be created will be able to immediately manifest any spoken word into reality. (Remember this from your Bible studies?)
  6. This will also be a time of Planetary Rebuilding.  Earth must cleanse itself of all the poisons and toxins and adjust everything back to being a Paradise once again.  Tilling the soil (earthquakes), cleansing the land (tidal waves, tsunamis, and floods due to massive rains), and finally the fertilizer will be laid (volcanic eruptions), will help to make the planet new and fresh for the next generation of 3D people while we ascend to 5D. 
  7. In step 6 we see a split occurring where one group of mankind continues on in the 3D (incoming new souls along with those here now who refuse to believe in the New World and the New Age) and the other group who choose the New World in the New Age who continue on in a new Paradise in 5D. ( Remember the old Mayans who disappeared one day many hundreds of years ago?  We will most likely be meeting them soon as well.)
  8. Ascension will be a "graduation day" for mankind and many feel that those ascended individuals will be asked to join a galactic federation of some kind and Earthlings will be considered "of age" by many other civilizations and we will interact with many species of people from other "alien" worlds.
  9. One part of 5th dimensionality is that we will instinctively know the truth about the "TRUTH".  Secrets will be revealed and our technology will grow by leaps and bounds.  We will also learn that Love is the answer to all and war will become an historical document only ... until it is finally banned. 
  10. Mankind will ascend and the resulting effect will be the 1,000 years of peace as described in the Bible ... WAY before Armageddon!
  11. Our DNA is being upgraded so that we will once again have 15-32 (depending on ones sources and views) strand DNA as before, instead of our present 2 strand DNA.
  12. The Internet will most likely become history as well since people will send memos and letters to each other mentally through the day

So, as you can see by the above we have a tough time ahead of us that will eventually reward us with the bliss of the New World as we discover the powers that we have always possessed but just didn't know how to use them, courtesy of those who presently control us .

Most importantly right now,  is to remain calm and meditate often.  Connect with your Higher Power or go within yourself for protection.  Be aware of your surroundings and what is happening while praying for guidance.  NEVER allow yourself to indulge in any kind of fear!  Call upon God for Help!  This is critical.  George Washington once saw a vision which will soon be a webpage on this web site, and he saw that the USA would be populated from coast to coast but an evil of some kind will be launched from Africa and sent to the USA.  He could see that the entire country became wrapped in turmoil and everyone was fighting for survival.  Just as everyone was giving up hope, a few began to pray.  This caught on and soon everyone was praying to God.  In the end God lifted the veil and everyone prospered and was happy.      

I cannot overemphasize that 2012 will NOT be the end of the Earth but will actually be the beginning of the New Age and the New World and will be the gateway to the 1,000 years of Peace.  If you believe otherwise, you will get what you wish and deviate into some other dimension.  Let us know how that works out for you.

As new details arise I will update this page to keep it current.  If you don't hear from me it's because the "Mother Ship" convinced me to hop on board until after the Earth is rebuilt.  I will request that everyone on my new list will be included but since I will not be at the helm I cannot make any guarantees. 




Here's a copy of an Answer I put on Yahoo to a friend.  Yeah if it helps you.  Toss it if not.  Enjoy!

When President Bush took over I felt as if a dark cloud had descended and, like the Dementors, was sucking all the happiness out of everything, everywhere.  That feeling just lifted a few weeks ago and I feel alive once again.

Almost everything that I look at is pointless and can be changed at any moment thanks to Quantum Physics and such.  But it is the stuff UNDERNEATH that is unseen and unheard that is the most fun and most solid and unchangeable.  This is why you should not form relationships on sex and looks but rather going deeper into the person and falling in love with their soul or Spirit. 

It's all about programming yourself.  Each morning I look into my mirror and quite loudly announce that "I am in PERFECT health!"
"I am happy and will meet many friendly, warm, people today".
Today is the BEST day of my life!
Life is Good!
My car is running well, I'm meeting someone amazing today who will change the rest of my life, must remember to mail that letter over the visor, and run my dog at the end of the day.

You can condense or expand this at will but remember there are no "will be, should, if, could, or would" words allowed EVER. 

As you are speaking, THINK and CONCENTRaTE and imagine your words coming to life ...

Part 3 is to Thank the Powers (Jesus, Allah, Yahweh, St. Germain, Ra,  or (enter God of Choice here))

To finalize the request, claim, or pronouncement, simply say "Amen" or its American Equivalent "It is Done!" or, as Jean-Luke would say on
Star Trek, "make it so, number 1".

RIGHT NOW I would ask that you laugh unmercifully.  At what?  At nothing of course!  There is nothing to laugh about right now but this never means that we don't need to laugh.  So laugh, laugh so hard that your sides are about to split ... laugh so loud that the neighbors will wonder what the heck is going on at your place.

Find your
sense of humor.  Sounds to me like it fell off a ways back and needs to be retrieved.  CHEER uP!  Depression can only bring evil, dark things. 

Look around and then put your sensors on "Full Power" and check for Dementors sucking the life out of you ... barring that ... you are fine.  EVERYONE is going through the same stuff as you ... some husbands can no longer understand how they can continue to support their families due to lost jobs and the like, so they shoot everyone in their sleep and then commit suicide.  It's dreadful yes, but for the life of me I cannot get the TV stations to air a segment on this.  They wonder why those pilots flew 150 miles past their destination.  The pilots can only remember being on their laptops when the "incident" happened.  What really happened was that they were ascending between levels and either went "blank" until they upgraded to the next notch or got locked into a thought of the past or future and lost the 6-7 minutes it would take for a jetliner to travel 150 miles.


Not sure if I mentioned as yet that being EXTREMELY HAPPY takes a bit of lying and expelling mis-truths AT FIRST, but after thinking totally positively for an extended period of time, it will eventually rub off and will become an every day occurrence just as your present mood has taken several years to form.  Life is what you make of it.

 "Life is not about avoiding the Storms on the Horizon ...
Life is about dancing in the rain!"

"Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself."

IMAGINE what would be a PERFECT life for YOU!  Then thank the Powers for your life being the best ever and EXACTLY as you imagined.

Say "Amen".

Enjoy your New Life ... please deposit $6,995 within 60 days if your new life is working well for you and you would like it to continue that way.    ((((((Kidding  ;-] ))))))




The Rebuild of the Planet Earth back in 2012 was the MOST apocalyptic of the REAL events that have occurred in the last 16.4 BILLION years.

"It all started in 2010, right on the button, January 2nd, 2010 ... yes, even GOD AND Mother Nature takes January 1st off from work. According to http://askthedragon.org Quake section and 'Volcano News' --- It has been expected for some time ( since the prediction of 1984 ) that "2012" would begin in 2010 in earnest. Surely it did since quake activity around the world is uP to 400 or more quakes per day in many areas, including my own (down to about 100 per day now and most around 2.5 -- not a major threat at present and hopefully Nature will blow off enough energy to stabilize without sending us the "dreaded Big One" that So Cal expects EVERY day.) The problem is that we are seeing a lot of quake activity in the world's MAJOR calderas -- Argentina, Lake Tabo in Indonesia, Yellowstone in Wyoming USA and I'm being told of others lately discovered but must confirm and then can update. Chile has already begun and Iceland has a neighboring volcano that will produce 100 times the amount of chaos of the first.
This is where things get really nuts! We have volcanoes threatening to darken the skies and destroy all plant life, while reigning "acid rain" down all over the world from the acidic cloud soot. We have the Oceans ticked off at us and Mother Nature has "swept" all of our ocean pollution into tidy little swirling pools of plastic waste ... about 5 of them at last report if I remember correctly. And then we have Solar Flares and all sorts of satellite interference from all over the Universe it seems. Our course is heading us directly into the Milky Way and to a place known in Ancient Times as where ... the Dragon Eats Its Tail ... the Alpha & the Omega ... the Center of Life ... and so on. The important thing is that when the Milky Way touches us on ALL surfaces, a Space Port will be created (don't jump ME ... I'm just reporting the news I've read) which will allow travel between dimensions or spatial co-ordinates and allowing our Founding Fathers (yes, the Annunaki ... run!) to find our EXACT "time location" and enter into our reality. We remember how they did DNA strand "work" on us the last time they came by thousands of years ago, and it is also good to keep in mind that we were originally brought to this planet by them as slaves to mine the gold and thus preserve the Annunaki Society on their planet). ALSO, we are encountering Pole Changes & Reversals, along with magnetic shifts.
"It's easier & faster to explain Mother Natures intentions! Mother Nature needs to rebuild this polluted planet and put it back the way it was when the cave people were here (the 1,647,000th re-start in the last 16 billion years). As we enter the Aquarian Age from the Piscean, we are going to "split" in two dimensional voyages. Those of us who choose to believe in Ascension and becoming a 5D'r, as did many Maya who "disappeared" a few hundred years ago will go into the New Age of Aquarius. Those who call it poppycock and INSIST on remaining in the 3D will remain in this dimension and time will continue to rule the world. WWIII will soon play out OR mankind will be having to deal with the planetary rebuild ... either way losing about 80% of the population. Those who move into the Aquarian Age and perfect alternate fuels and work to save the planet MAY be able to prevent an apocalyptic rebuild as will happen in the 3D ... will have to report back to you on that in a few years. It's anyone's guess if enough people will come with us into the 5D to maintain a functional society, but I'm sure there will be a lot of last minute graduates as 2012 draws closer and reveals its intentions.
I digress ... back to M.N. and her rebuild. She is already cleansing the oceans and it will be up to us to get our crap out of there. Hurricanes, tornadoes, should ALL be on the rise ... yep ... that seems to be happening too. That will help to clean the air, especially when rinsed with torrential rains tht will also help to clean the surface, along with a few tidal waves to replace vital nutrients and wash the polluted earth. It almost looks like we might have a brief return to the Ice Age as well to make sure that most "vermin" are killed off, but will it come in time? Dunno. Oh yeah, can't forget M.N.'s "tiller of soil" ... EARTHQUAKES! They seem to already be happening in REALLY odd places like Chicago, Nebraska, and the like (as if the Ancient Waterway between Canada and the Gulf is wanting to return). Tectonic plates are shifting daily. But once the quakes till the soil and the water washes it MN will need a nice coat of fertilizer over the surface so that the new seeds will grow well ... thus the VOLCANOES will cover the Earth with vital nutrients and to cool everything and water the seeds well, MORE torrential rains to bump start the planet. Nature will then most likely seal the planet with an intense atmosphere created by all the changes, high in CO2 most likely since the plants will be wiped out for a brief period while everything is replaced with NEW stuff. But this high CO2 will help to bump start the new vegetation.
Depending on how many people can afford to purchase Survival Housing that can be buried deep under the earth, preferable over or in Granite Rock to minimize quake destruction, we will have the new occupants. But since these will be the affluent and often the "old" it will be necessary to bring some Young Blood to repopulate the planet (neat job eh?).
The Dragon is presently in search of the SAFEST places on Earth and has already found several but these are already spoken for such as the Labyrinth Under Giza ... 3 levels, cut out of solid rock, that can house over 500,000 people ... complete with Crystal Lights installed thousands of years ago.
I'm sure I'm out of or about to be out of room here so I must cut this short. For the ENTIRE explanation go to The Dragon at: http://askthedragon.org