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For the Vegetable Connoisseur ... and the Frugal as well 

Q.  What is a Green Room?  We live in the desert so growing our own produce outdoors is a no-no in the summer, unless you like your tomatoes "cooked", so in order to have fruit and vegetables with some taste we like to grow our own.  Billy May, our Grow Room expert will be happy to walk you through the steps and show you how to have YOUR grow room up and growing in no time.

No Need for Seeds when You Utilize "Cloning" ... Billy will show you how to do it

Q.  How much does a grow room cost?  A.  It depends on what you want to grow and how much room you have to devote to it.  Also, do you want your garden to do EVERYTHING for you?  Like check the pH levels and adjust them for the plants or perhaps track lighting or totally environmentally controlled rooms where all you need to do is check in from time to time to see when to harvest your next salad or tomatoes or how about fresh broccoli?  Contact Billy May on his cell number and tell him you'd like him to stop by your house and take some measurements.  Not on Billy's list yet?  CLICK HERE and email your name and phone number.   Billy will call to make an appointment with you.

Q. What is Aquaponics?  Billy will explain it in detail but the short version is "Plants that grow without soil".   You can start out small with an Aquaponic Grow Table ... Billy will show you what you need.  It can be as small as 4' x 8'.  Convert that open area in the garage or out behind the garage.  Billy will show you how to use that unused space to max benefit.

Truth: Homegrown tomatoes always taste WAY better than the store-bought ... and you grew them yourself

Find unused space and make it useful.  You can plant almost ANYWHERE ... plus, there is something about working with plants and getting a chance to relax in your grow room or garden that cannot be bought at any price ... and your taste buds will thank you!  Just ask Billy ANY question ... even if it sounds stupid to you.  He'll never snicker ... just give you the Gospel Truth about growing plants in, on, or around your house, or how to get the neighbors together to turn that deserted empty lot into a community vegetable garden.

 You can start your farm in an EZ Clone Box == 30, 60, and 120 unit Kits are available ... Complete with sprayers -- Clone your yard -- turn it into a mini-paradise with pathways thru the trees.  You can clone virtually anything that grows ... ask your neighbor for a trimming from that plant you have always admired and duplicate it at home ... we'll show you how EZ it is


Tell Billy what space you have and the confines of your budget and he will design a system for you.       Whether you hire him to build it or decide to build it yourself, he will supply you with all the latest up-to-date materials you need at the lowest prices and best quality available.   And it won't cost you a penny to have him come out and look at your space and give you an estimate for parts only or the entire job.

Use a little space for a LOT of plants ... or ... 

A Huge Space for a Whole Lot MORE Plants ... 


Use a little space in front of your windows

........ Build a Greenhouse Getaway............

In any case, once you get in touch with nature you will find a new world you never knew existed ... where your blood pressure becomes tolerably normal, your kids suddenly like you again, and your mother-in-law is AMAZED at how much taste YOUR vegetables have over her store-bought stuff.

Give Billy a call today ... get started making plans for your new Dream Green Room in that old deserted room or plot in the backyard and get ready to wake up your taste buds  ... those "old days" when food used to taste good can be a reality once again!

Whether you live in the city or have a quiet home in a rural area, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, and all the new innovations can be yours.  Billy will be happy to make an appointment and meet you at your home to get all the details and then write up a comprehensive plan custom made for YOU.

And now ... to get you started ... you can start out with:

Bigfoot System Complete

Suggested Retail Price : $449.95
Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:1
Ask a question about this product

This 2' x 4' Ebb & Flow system was designed to fit into small quarters! Constructed of UV stabilized, impact resistant ABS plastic, it will last for years. The tray on the Bigfoot Garden was specifically designed to leave no standing water in your system. This will allow for a healthier root zone, which means healthier plants! The Bigfoot Complete comes with a tray, reservoir, table frame, pump and all plumbing.

There will be a $50 fee added to the shipping cost on this item, it is rated oversize by FedEx.

Click here for complete product information.

OR ... u might want a bare bones system with just the trays ... Email Us with your ideas and Billy will call you with tips on saving the most money and getting the most "bang for the buck".  Send us an Email with your wants and desires and we'll gather several items and present them to you via email.  Shop in the convenience of your home when it is convenient for you.

Keep your eyes on this spot as we make it grow ... currently Under Construction ... please pardon our dust!

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