For those who MUST have Rules and Regulations ... here are some of the Fontanetum et Lucem Universal Church of White Water's "Rules"

  1. The first rule is "There are No Rules" other than our Cardinal Law "Harm Ye No One".  This includes NO:  Bullying of others, or condemnation, judgment, throwing "Guilt-Trips" at others, prejudice, or bigotry.  In other words, treat others as you would have them treat you.  Always maintain the "Original Christian Ethic" of acceptance and love for your fellow man.

  2. There is no single unifying belief that all  ULC's hold, aside from complete and responsible freedom of speech, thought, belief, faith, and disposition.

    3. ULC's believe that each person is free to search for his or her own personal truth on issues, such as the existence, nature, and meaning of life, deities, creation, and afterlife.

    4. ULC members can come from any religious background, and hold beliefs and adhere to morals from a variety of cultures or religions.

    5.  Concepts about deity are diverse among ULC's. Most are monotheistic. Some have no belief in any gods (atheism); others believe in many gods (polytheism). Some believe that the question of the existence of any god is most likely unascertainable or unknowable (agnosticism). Some believe that God is a metaphor for a transcendent reality. Some believe in a female god (goddess), an Abrahamic god, or a god identified with nature or the universe (pantheism). Still others may hold with the Deist notion that a creator God exists, but does not intervene in the world or reveal itself, and can only be apprehended (if at all) through the use of reason.

    6. Many ULC's reject the idea of deities and instead speak of the "spirit of life" that binds all life on earth.

    7. ULC's support each person's search for truth and meaning in concepts of spirituality.

    Dedicated ULC members state that they truly believe in freedom of religion. In other words, they want every member to be able to pursue their own beliefs without interference from the government, church or other religious agencies, or any other outside agency. Their one creed (or doctrine) is

    Do only that which is right.



    Harm Ye No One!


    Be Kind to One Another


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