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Fontanetum et Lucem Universal Church* of Whitewater

(Floating on The Springs and Supported by The Light)

Here to Spread the Unconditional Christocentric Love Pandemic to ALL ... from Atheists to Zealots ... the Emphasis Here is on Love

Painted Hills, White Water, California 92282-2902


We are going for our Non-profit status, 501c3, so that future donations will be deductible and to apply for Federal "Community Improvement Grants" for Our Members.  For now, we can offer you things like The Top 10 Flu Fighting Foods, or The 10 Budget High Fiber Foods to Eat!  12 Best High Fiber Foods   Eleven Anti-Inflammatory Foods.  Many more at the bottom of this page. Read these FREE informative pages.  If you learn something useful ... please donate to our cause so that your donations will soon be deductible AND you will still get these tasty snippets on how to live a better, more healthy, and enjoyable life.    Where can you donate?

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Give Unto My Brethren and I Shall repay you 10 fold ~~~Press Here

And WHAT is the cause you ask?

Fontanetum et Lucem Universal Church of White Water, once it achieves non-profit status can apply to the Federal Govt for grants to help our parishioners in the area, as well as all over the United States.  Painted Hills is situated amongst the windmills in the foothills of the San Bernardino mountains.  The 10,800 foot, snow-capped  San Jacinto mountain looms to the south of us ... while the Salton Sea, 70 miles away on the eastern horizon,  is visible some mornings in the winter when it reflects the sunlight.  We sit at 1,100 feet, atop 5 fault lines (the San Andreas, the Fremont, and the Baja, among others) and we are in a very rural setting.  It's a very spiritual area, many vortices (vortexes) inhabit the lake below, but on local walks you can speak with the Creator since He likes to take HIS breaks here as well.  We are like a rather busy vein near the heart, in that our mountain pass filters all the air between Phoenix and San Diego/ Los Angeles EVERY day.  We live within the "Pulse of the Planet", so to speak. We used to have storm-laden 90 mph winds but lately they have been ramping upwards to 100 mph in the heaviest storms.  Our last major earthquake was in 1986, roughly, and it is said that a major quake only hits the same area every 80-90 years so we are good to go until around 2046 to 2076.  WE have had a zillion tremors since I moved in but so far the biggest was a 6.2 ... we barely felt it but know that Mother Nature was truly sparing us.  Our church depends on the grace of God every day, 1) to survive and grow 2) to find kind souls to help us help others AND them 3) To praise the Lord for All that He has given us and all that He will give our parishioners in the future. 4) to find new government grants to help everyone possible 5) to find grants to build our Community Garden "Barn" with multi-level growing tables for ALL kinds of vegetables, from Alfalfa to Zucchini  6) To build a Community Center for weekend activities and dances. 7) To add a kitchen and dining area to the Community Center to provide Hot Meals for those who like and need super healthy, balanced  food, like to meet new friends, for those who help us with the Garden and so that we can help feed those who need support during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays and perhaps prepare a Hot Meal and a cake for someone's birthday.

It is important to note at this point that our Name means:  Supported, uplifted, by "The Springs" or the Water ... YOU are the Springs ... it is YOU that supports us and at the same time we work to help YOU with your daily needs.  Whenever you want, you can Email Us! and when you email us you will get a phone number at the bottom of the email at which you can talk to a sympathetic person about your well-being, should all else fail and you need someone who cares. 

My happiest times are oft when I'm stressed beyond all comprehension.  Because when I am in THAT mood, I become very humble and I go out past my back yard to a rock in the middle of this meadow in the middle of the high desert, sometimes with a beautiful sunset in the distance, the San Jacinto Mtn snuggled up next to me, or at least it seems that way since its 10,800 feet high and HUGE, and 20 miles away from my house.  I sit on top of my favorite boulder and I ask the Creator how HIS day is going and sometimes He admits that it is a crazy, busy, hectic day, and other times He says "Not bad, how about yours?"  For me, talking up close and personal with the big guy/gal is really what it is all about.  Feeling love with and being connected to our Creator.  It doesn't get better than that now does it? You are ALL welcome to stop by and use the Meditation Path in front of Susy's house, or walk on the dirt roads and paths around the area in which I would like to build our church "complex", or even meander into the foothills or take a full-on hike into the San Bernardino Mountains behind us. IF you love camping in the wild outdoors, and can scare off a bob-cat or two and possibly small mountain lions, although the lions are rare, and the coyotes usually run when they see humans ... watch them closely if they don't!  :-)  Just to the West of our church is a Nature Conservancy and you can go on organized hikes with them on most weekends, and they offer really nice "cabins" that you can rent.  The cabins are NOT in the rough although they are in the forest, but they are nicely furnished and well heated and air conditioned.  Luxurious Cabins would be a good title.

What WE believe is what YOU believe ... we are flexible, or Universal, as our name implies and we are open to ALL thoughts and ideas.  I majored in Psychology in college, not on purpose but only because Fate wanted me to, and people's thoughts and ideas have always been a fascination for me.  I am also considered an Empath ... some call it a Shaman ... I am sensitive to the thoughts of the living, both animals and mankind ... so when people describe a memory they've had I can feel the entire episode as if I were in it myself.  For this reason I often interject and make suggestions, but please understand that I am throwing things out at first to "feel" the situation, so, if I say something odd please correct me and I will be able to fine-tune my path.  Think of me as a tool ... a mirror ... and as you talk with me I will sense your deepest thoughts and ask you if THAT is what, in fact, you are handling.

Team Fontanetum is Proud to Announce that yesterday we talked with Susie about getting a grant to repair her leaking roof.  She is our FIRST!!  We are so happy that we are able to provide the means to access these needed benefits.  If YOU have a need, and you live rurally, are 62 years or older, and have VERY low income ... YOU QUALIFY!  Email us! and let us know where you live and we will track down the nearest govt source to you and send you an email with their phone number.  I'm sure the time to act is limited so please don't put this off ... do it today if you are in need of these funds.  And again, the govt does NOT require that you pay this back.  But you could always Thank God by giving to a local, deserving, needy church.

In 2013 it is our intent to apply for the
Social Innovation Fund Grant from the Federal govt.  We have to match their $1 million with $500K of our own so we have to pound the pavement and ask for donations to cover the $1,084 to file our 501c paperwork, or an attorney who is willing to donate time and money to the cause, in exchange for a write-off.  But that is only the beginning.  Once we can match the govt funds we will be able to help repair the roofs of many of the local homes that were damaged in the last storms (March 2012) and our BIGGEST project will be building a huge 2-4 acre barn with about 4 levels inside on which we will have walking platforms with tables covered in vegetables of all descriptions, think of Noah's Ark ... for vegetables.  We will be able to grow everything from alfalfa to zucchinis ... and beyond.  The entire neighborhood will share the work and the benefits.  Right now we have to make a 35 mile journey to go to the nearest store and back, just to have fresh produce each day.  Everyone wants to be able to get their produce locally and Fresh.  We want to make it easy for them to call us up and if they cannot stop by we will deliver to their door in our church van. 

That is our next need.  To be able to deliver to a larger area we need something that gets phenomenal gas mileage, like a Diesel VW, and better than the 10-12 mpg we get with the 2002 Dodge Van.  Our van is a cargo van that can carry 3 tons with no problems.  If anyone wants to swap a Ford Delivery van or anything that gets 30-40mpg we'd be happy to accept.  The Dodge has only 90,000 miles on it and runs great but we need something big enough to deliver real estate sign posts since that is another means of income for the church. 

So, what do we believe in at Fontanetum et Lucem?  Our ONE Law will give you a clue ... "Harm No One!"

 Shop Amazon - Mother's Day Gifts

We suggest: that our members be a model of Jesus Christ {Whether you personally believe that Christ was God or not, He was still a GREAT Man and would make a great mentor for anyone} and avoid personal judgments of others as stated in Matt7:1-5 ... avoid condemnation of others for any reason ... refrain from laying  guilt trips on others.  We accept all colors, creeds, sexual preferences, religions, ... basically anyone breathing who is not prejudiced or bigoted against anyone.  We H8 No One.  We are here to assist people find The Creator and any meetings or sermons will have that intention in mind but we do not care if someone is Atheist and looking for friendship; Jewish or Catholic, Protestant or Muslim, Wicca or Druid.  We LOVE you all and that is what Fontanetum is all about ... Love, Happiness, and helping our fellow man, neighbor, or stranger in need.  But, at the same time, we appreciate the help of others in our mission, and will be able to offer food in exchange for help with our garden projects, at first, and actually offer paid employment in the near future as our garden "grows".  As we grow and harvest cash crops, such as strawberries, blueberries, melons, and more .. and branch into breeding orchids and other exotic plants for resale, we expect to open several salaried positions. 

Our Main Goals Are as Follows:

  1. Uplift Our Local Community by Introducing Richer, Healthier, Community-grown Foods (Produce)

  2. Unify the Community with a Meeting Center that can also be used for weekend entertainment, dances, catered events

  3. Add a dining facility and kitchen to support local events, weekend get-togethers, Thanksgiving & Christmas Dinners & afternoon lunches

  4. Research and Offer Federally Sponsored Gov't Grants to ALL Members everywhere in the United States and territories as applicable. No Payback Req'd

  5. To help our members in need find jobs, by using our Computer Center that is open to all members!

  6. To bring everyone closer to The Creator, using Love, kindness, respect, and mutual admiration.

  7. To Serve All Mankind ... Ad majorem Dei Gloriam (For the Greater Glory of God)


At the same time that we are looking for grants for the future we are also looking for grants for the PRESENT.  If you have a need, Let Us Know, and we will do our best to find a way to help you.  If you are 62 or older, live in a very rural area, and have VERY low income ... you QUALIFY for a $7,500 GRANT from the govt.  No repaying but they will assign a contractor that is signed up to help when needed.  Most of the time they will treat you right since they know you have a govt check in hand for them.  If you meet the above criteria Email Us! and we'll put you in touch with the dept in your local area ... no charge to you.  You can also Help by going to and looking through them for offers that might suit YOU, Your friends, neighbors, and our church members.  When you find something be sure to write down the reference number for the grant.  Keep your fields of search broad when you start and refine them to keep the list small enough to study them all fully.  I usually check about 2,000 offers and whittle them down to one or two really good ones.  But remember, thanks to our future non-profit designation we qualify for Non-Profit, PLUS we also have a for profit business venture as well AND we ALL qualify for the personal grants.  So we qualify for anything ... except Federal govt entities and state and local govt.  Send us what you find -- Email Us! -- and we'll add it to the ever-growing list.

That about covers it unless you would like to donate.  Tell you what.  If you send us  $5 or more, you can choose one or all of the following (which is growing by the week:  Top Ten Flu Fighting Foods (and don't forget vitamin D3 which is a great Immune Booster for preventing the flu within your WHOLE family), or the 12 Best High Fiber Foods to Eat,  OR the 11 Anti-Inflamatory Foods (helps decrease swelling of the Lumbar - lower back, and more).  Easily worth $5 each.  Or How Pastor Dave went from nearly 280 lbs to 208 lbs by pudging out while watching the calories and "balance" of the proteins, carbos, fibers, and eating lots of vegetables, fresh or frozen.  You can have EIGHT meals a day as long as you keep them around 200 calories each. 

Donate $10 or more and we'll send you a really cool photo of the local mountains, with or without snowcaps; or one of the windmills; or one of the Coachella Valley which embraces Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, and Indio, just to name a few ... don't forget we are at 1,100 feet so the picks can be dramatic.  If you Love Palm Springs as much as we do you'll love our downtown pics and some random shots of the November 2011 Pride Parade ... tell us what section of town or a specific building, artifact, or the Sonny Bono Statue downtown and we will shoot the pic the next time we are in town and send it to you in an email.  

Please Donate $5 or whatever you can afford to spare

There is NO LIMIT to the amount we will accept so PLEASE do not feel restrained when donating to our Non-Profit 501c3 Legal Fund  Drive

The Bible promises a 10 fold return on your investment!

Give Unto my Brethren and I Shall repay you 10 fold ~~~Press Here

In Honor of the 4th of July ... the LGBT Declaration of Independence

We are proud to announce that donations are now totaling over $108 ... we have nearly reached 10% of our goal in a matter of days ... we will send up a prayer in your name or pray for your relative, whether you donate or not.  Let Our Pastor do a "faith=healing" meditation with you and YOU tell us when  you notice a difference.  Hundreds all over the planet have already experienced Pastor D's warm, healing, affirmations.

We also have live plants that we have cloned or grown from Heirloom Seeds (heirloom's are seeds that are NOT Genetically Engineered Seeds).  Email Us! us for inventory and the cost to buy, which will be treated as a donation and you will get a receipt that can be deducted as soon as we are classified as a Non-Profit.  We WISH we could tell you that we can postdate your receipt until after we reach non-profit status but that would be a mjor mortal sin and highly illegal so ... Until then you'll have a nice houseplant, or herbal plant, we have several to choose from now and more every day.  Billy tells me that he can package them so that they arrive totally alive ... just plunk them in the soil ... add some Starter Formula and they're good to go.  Donations of $25 to $100 will qualify for a live plant and express shipping to get it there right away .. email us for details!

Would you rather be a host to a divine being or an hostage to your ego?~My Mom

Pastor Dave loves looking for new ways to help his parishioners. 

There is always an incoming barrage of papers, booklets, leaflets, and then there is the internet and sourcing new grants that appear each day.   Most of the time he is busy building this website or dealing with "govt paperwork" which seems endless but it has to be done if we expect to help others and grow.

Many people claim that this country was founded on religion. Many claim more precisely that it is a Christian Country.  Before the Muslims descend upon us in rage for our mockery I should point out that the Founding Fathers were VERY explicit in this regard.  George Washington was upset with the turmoil caused by the Christians and John Q. Adams was clear when he stated his philosophies on the subject.  Do I need to express my love of Praising God and following our "inner voice" which is God's Voice speaking to us before I show you that the Founding Fathers were NOT religious men but they WERE God-Fearing men ... there IS a difference.  Too many people equate God with religion and yet many people will tell you that as soon as they cast off religious beliefs they Found GOD! Our goal is to help everyone find and know the Creator in a close and personal way!  We do NOT ask you to do ANYTHING with which you are uncomfortable.  If religion makes you happy and gives you a better life we encourage you to continue.  For those who have researched their religion to the extent that they have found flaws or want to seek the Creator in an independent manner ... talk to us!  We enjoy spirited exchanges and debates and if you need time to find your references you can Email Us! The WHOLE Idea here is to speak with reverence and Love and don't let your ego get the best of you.  We are all HERE on this planet to learn ... learn, learn , learn.  We already know that fighting amongst each other really sucks so lets not get into any arguments over words.  Everyone's opinion counts here ... we just ask that everyone be a student of "relaxed exchange of ideas in an orderly manner".  Namaste is an appropriate word here.

Please read the following quotes of the Founding Fathers with an open mind and give them the benefit of "trying to make EVERYONE happy", while still following their own basic beliefs.  My take on it was that the Founding Fathers had no problem with any religions as long as their "followers" did not push their ideals on to others.  The Founding Fathers preferred to "Harm No One" as long as the other people mutually felt the same.  The founding Fathers were attempting to give everyone respect and privacy by asking others NOT to push their religions on others who were happy with their own.  WE ARE HERE NOT to pull you away from your religion but to help you find the Creator as best we know how.  But in the process we DO offer many alternatives, since we feel our obligation is to provide ALL the knowledge available to help you discover Yourself and Your Creator. 

The Founding Fathers Quotes as to Religion-- Basically, they felt that religion was a more personal thing and they feared that the Christians would bring violence to the cities.  I personally prefer to show people how to find The Creator, how to Live in Love, so to speak, and be peaceful within, one with the "Oneness-that-is Mankind"/  WE are the God of Our World ... and all of us Together form the Oneness that we perceive  to be God, but above everything and all is the Creator.  At least, that's MY take on the whole thing. and I hope its yours too.  :-)  Nota Bene:  Although religion, perse, is disappearing in Europe, it is making an amazing comeback in the United States and Fontanetum et Lucem is Proud of that fact ... since it means that the "Infidels of America" are finally turning to God in droves, now that our economy has dipped and many jobs have tanked.  In a way, this Depression is a good thing in that it is bringing America, and the World populations TOGETHER. 

Many of you are aware that we are heading into a New Age, the Age of Aquarius (NOW we know what those "hippies" were yelling about back in the 1960's :).  To the BEST of my knowledge we are NOT heading into the End of the World but we are in for some pretty exciting times ahead.  Every 3600 years the planet Nibiru (aka: Planet X, the Dwarf Planet, the Brown Planet, and so on) circles our Sun and then heads back out into space until it reaches the outer limits of our sun's gravitational pull, and then it is pulled back in.  Nibiru has several satellites around it (small planets or moons) so it is a formidable object in space, weighing in at FIVE TIMES the weight of Earth.  Physics dictates that when a large body approaches a smaller body in space, the smaller body will shimmer and shake.  This is expected when Nibiru passes between Mars and Jupiter around April of 2013.  The Egyptians are the ONLY civilization to survive the last 7 visits of Nibiru as they have the Labyrinth Under Giza ... 3 HUGE vaults carved out of solid stone back in "pre-history" by unknown entities (although we have our guesses as to who it was that did it) that extend from Giza all the way to Cairo, about 23 miles long.  Each vault is divided into 7 chambers, one of which has an entire Temple within it, and, so far, expeditions have discovered THREE of these vaults, one on top of the other, but the Egyptian govt is preventing entrance until they can sort through the MANY coffins, mummies, and possessions of past Pharaohs ... hopefully before the floods and devastation that is almost assured with the coming of Nibiru.  As it approaches, its effects will be noticeable, and if its any indication the USA govt is digging in under Colorado and the Chinese govt has ordered underground chambers be built to house the people of many larger cities ... most likely govt elite and their workers.  Our advice to all of our followers everywhere?  Either find a solid mountain, 8500 feet or HIGHER, with a granite foundation and climb up on it with enough food to last for several weeks or months OR clean out that old fall-out shelter from the 1960's and get the air filtration system working 100%, and fill it with enough food supplies to keep your family full for weeks to months. 

For supplies, food, and emergency gear check out (at the top of the main page is a Directory that has links to water containers and emergency supplies that will be crucial after Dec. 2012).  The govts of the World are NOT telling anyone for fear of wide-spread panic.  WE are giving you this info NOT to panic you, but to make you aware so that you can take preventative measures NOW and not be caught off guard later!  Here at Team Fontanetum we have plans for an underground room that will be basic but should provide us adequate shelter, and when the warning signs become intense, we will stock it with food and supplies.  The warning signs I suspect will be enormous, since Nibiru will have an affect on our weather, and electrical storms grander than any seen in OUR known history should be prevalent.  Scientists discovered that when Nibiru passed by Saturn on its journey to the sun, Saturn was pulled off of its previous axis and is now on a new one.  Should that happen to Earth, and it is likely, it will cause the oceans to be tossed around, making life on the dry surfaces a challenge.  In the past, MANY people were lost ... so we urge everyone to be at least READY to act on a moments notice when the signs first appear.  We will be shouting out to everyone once we are certain that it is time to act!  Should electrical storms knock out World communications THAT will be your warning sign, since we will not be able to communicate easily with each other at that time.  We want you to be watchful and aware!  If we all stay calm, focused, and centered, we can have a grand party after it all and issue in the New Age of Aquarius in Peace and Harmony.  And if this turns out to be another "New Millennia Scare" ... well ... all the better.  We will all pass into the New Age UNHARMED!  Ya!

To access the latest Earthquakes and Volcanic Activity refer to the Top-of-the-Page Directory on

You may recognize this from the movie The Lightning Thief ... but this is the design we like for our local community meeting hall.  Perfect "flow-through" design to offset the summer 120F heat, with just enough protection from the occasional storm.  We will need to make modifications to the pitch of the roof so that it bows into the winds as they get quite severe here .... 90 mph winds are not uncommon in our mountain pass that funnels the winds from Phoenix to San Diego and L.A. and back ... but we make up for the winds with grand views of the Coachella Valley.

Available Grants that May apply to our members ... 

Once we have our non-profit 501c3 status we can apply for the following, and others like it, and forward the paperwork to our members.  Read the list of Eligible Recipients on each Grant presented.  They all vary somewhat

2. Rural, Elderly, Low Income, $7,500 Grant for Home Repairs

This is for rural areas, according to USDA guidelines, people 62 or older, with very low income, and you must have a definite need (new refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner, solar panels, roof repair, wall repair, floor repair, plumbing repair, and more ... tell us what you need and we'll see if it qualifies)

* For the Meaning of Fontanetum et lucem, please click here!

Want to make purchases from  Please use the following link so that our church gets credit and a small commission for your order ... but you MUST click on the link or ANY of the Amazon links all thru our site and the Dragon's site as well.

You'll $ave money too!


Secret Page of Coupons for Amazon!  Check Out Our Secret Page of Special Values from Amazon ... New Items are added as YOU request them so be sure to speak up and let us know what you seek! And then click here to Email Us! with your wants and desires ... also its getting to be time to make up your Christmas List and $ave now before the Holiday Madness Hits!  Ask us to make a Special Box of Gifts JUST FOR YOU and we'll put the items you want us to put in there and then you can order them as you can afford them.  Order over $25 and get free shipping and in most cases there is no sales tax.  Add Amazon's super low prices and you have a deal that is tough to refuse! 

Please Use the Amazon links all through the Website to access and Amazon will donate 4% of all sales from this website to Fontanetum et Lucem Universal Church of Whitewater.  Plus check out Our Secret Page of Coupons for Amazon Secret Page of Coupons for Amazon

Pastor Dave says  "Feel Free to Use any of the Links Below, with our Blessings" Donations are NOT mandatory ... only Voluntary if you wish ...

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Our SECRET Page of Goodies is no longer a Secret ... ALL on Sale ...ALL Super LOW prices!  It's OUT Now!  And it's Stuff WE ALL Need!

Compost Cookies & Other dessert recipes

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Top Ten Flu Fighting Foods

11 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

12 Best High Fiber Foods to Eat

Allergy Fighting Tips

How Diet Foods and Drinks Can Actually Cause, NOT Prevent, Diabetes

Diet; Doctor and Drug-Avoidance Can Help You Live Longer

Give Unto my Brethren and I Shall repay you 10 fold ~~~Press Here

7 Sources of Omega 3

Gout Sufferers May Want to check Out this Page on Foods to Eat! We welcome your input!

Anti-Gout Food Plan

Chart with Purine (Gout causing) Content of Various Foods

Top 10 Low-Carb Budget Foods

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