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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Swine Flu Report!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been getting many reports such as the following but I didn't want to share them until I was totally sure but with all the news on TV about nurses getting violently ill from the new vaccines I felt it necessary to let this one thru to you.


The following email just came in today from Wynn who publishes the Wynn Channel and it needs to be passed around so....

Normally I would reserve this kind of post for The Wynn Channel, but it's too important to not share it with the general group. For clarification, for the past couple of months , I have been making posts on this topic. There can be the apprehension on my part that this kind of post can border under the general theme of "conspiracy theories, that it will damage my credibility for some of you regarding the rest of my work. 

It's my opinion that the "negative" in this realm actually coins terms like "conspiracy theory" and "cults" to program people to discredit those things which can upset their apple carts.  Notice yourself how when you apply those terms to something, your brain goes numb. 

In the worse case scenarios regarding the swing flu and the inoculations, there is a deliberate intention of the negative elite to wipe out 2/3 rds of the population of the planet. Why? Because they are channeling negative sources who are telling them that the world is overpopulated and they would be doing a blessing for the future of humanity to reduce the population. So when we watch our leaders take action which seems to be incongruent to the common good, this is their underlying intent. 

I have been reluctant to make a statement like that because I am not willing to take the time or distraction to back it up. But you can easily do your own internet research and validate it for yourself. Just focusing on the swine flu,  I'm sharing on this post, the video of the Catholic Nun and a link to Dr Mercabo's web site where he has an article by a top Doctor on this topic. 

These are the kinds of links which I urge you to share with those you care about. They can't be dismissed as conspiracy theories....

 A nun speaks out  or  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0JqQyl09zQ

 Dr Russell Blaylock - http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/11/03/What-We-Have-Learned-About-the-Great-Swine-Flu-Pandemic.aspx

Blessings to you all....................................Wynn


Got some extra time on your hands and want to see the latest things our govt is doing? ... check out the following site ...


at least they are NOT sitting on their thumbs.



Have You Ever Wondered what H.A.A.R.P. Can REALLY Do?  The following video will give you an idea



If you have a hard time finding the following Video please Google "The Esoteric Agenda" and you should find it.  This video will tell you what the Ruling Elite is up to and how YOU are at risk!  For NOW, the following link should take you to this video.  But when it disappears from there, and it will, you will need to keep tracking it down or it will be lost for good.  The Ruling Elite do NOT want us to watch this video and that is why it is getting so hard to find. It Tells the TRUTH about the Truth:  http://www.freedocumentaries.org/theatre.php?filmid=218&id=1141&wh=1000x720

ZEITGEIST -- The Movie

THIS Is the CD that was played throughout the WORLD on Earth Day on the Ides of March ... March 15th ... Enjoy! This is a Fun movie.  It is NOT "Ruler friendly" and it is designed to AWAKEN those who watch it and will alert you as to what is going on in this world today:


This is a video that discusses the Countdown to 2012 WorkShop.  The Workshop has already happened but she is talking about everything that is covered in Zeitgeist -- The Movie ( ^^ Just Above ^^)


Some Believe that the Illuminati is Setting Us Up for Economic Disaster ... Like the following link:


The Conspiracies are True!



It is my firm belief that President Bush has been given orders by the Illuminati or the CFR or ??? to wipe out the U.S. Economy, destroy the U.S. Dollar and cause the other Countries to DROP the Dollar as the Emergency Back-up currency of the world, and to introduce and officially replace the U.S. Dollar with the New Amero.  For those who feel that this is sheer fantasy please be advised that President Bush has not only signed the papers which authorize the creation of the Amero, BUT it has already been minted, AND $3 Trillion in Ameros have already been sent to China as a payment on part of our debt to them.  In other words, the Amero has been designed, introduced, and is currently in operation as a form of U.S. Official Currency.  Check out the ACTUAL copies of the Amero (below).  NO, this is NOT a joke.  The Amero is real!  You MAY want to consider converting your current U.S. Dollars, dollar based stocks, and ALL other investments based on the dollar into Chinese Yen or any currency which is solid and BACKED by something other than a promise.  When the Amero is announced as the Official U.S. Currency, and the Dollar is dismissed, you can convert your Yen BACK into Ameros.  Do NOT convert to Euros since they are NOT backed.  The Swiss Franc is perhaps the strongest currency in the world, just as a suggestion.  The best investment at present (08/2009) seems to be ETF's and of those the best appears to be EEB, which invests in Brazilian, Chinese, Indian, and Russian stocks.

We are now with President Obama and it appears that things have not changed much.  The Fed keeps printing money which is weakening the dollar but history teaches us that whenever we have a HUGE debt, such as the Iraq war for example, we borrow the money when our dollar is strong and then we make it worthless and pay back our debt with dollars that are worth pennies on the dollar.  Notice how Congress is spending as much money as possible, on projects they would NEVER have approved in the past.  There is a reason for their madness.  Many would perhaps debate as to whether the reason is "reasonable" but that is not something we wish to dwell on here since this will all be resolved at the end of 2012.


Amazon^  ^  ^  ^  ^  ^ ^  ^  ^ Link

Amazon donates 4% of Your Purchase to Fontanetum et Lucem Universal Church of Whitewater ... but only when you link to Amazon through our webpages


These are links that show that the Russians fear a collapse of the United States in the near future, partially due to the loss of the Dollar as a World Currency and the Infiltration of the Amero:


http://www.alipac. us/article3766. html


I promised myself that I would not put any DOOM & GLOOM on this website but this is something that needs to be addressed immediately.  Senator Ron Paul has been warning the Senators and Congress in general that changes MUST be made or the USA economy will crash irreversibly.  Check out this article from 2007 that is STILL being ignored by Congress.  The warning signs have been there for years.  Ron Paul has been sounding the ALARM every year for the last 15 years and yet his fellows just right him off and continue to ignore him.  It's time for the American people to start YELLING at Congress and telling them to WAKE UP! 


Check the following links to see how American Corporations are Working to Prosper while others SUFFER ... for example, Monsanto's Famous Rule 81 as listed below:


I am told the following link is interesting ... \


Defeating the New World Order Scenario:

 http://endnwo.wordpres s.com/2007/07/17/defeating-the-new-world-order


In my eternal quest for knowledge I ran into these videos on You-Tube and just had to add them here.  BUT, I have not had time to review them yet so if any of you read these and think they are garbage, please email me, and I'll check them out and toss them if they suck.


(Media illusion)

I also finally found a video about the Amero but it's a tad scary in that the author feels the dollar will be toast by Feb. 2009 and the Amero will be introduced at that time.  BUT those holding dollars or stocks or anything based on the dollar will be suddenly broke.  The fact that it is now nearly September 2009 is a good sign and means this guy may just be a crackpot.  I have heard that the USA has been paying the Chinese in Ameros but have no source on this so I still consider that idea to be propaganda.


I am told that Hal Turner is a Right Wing extremist but I know what he is saying as to the existence of the NAU and the Amero is REAL so what does it matter what he says? Although his timetable is hopefully off by a bit.
The following website is for positive people ...


This is the end of our political section ... mea culpa, and now back to our 2012 section and Alchemy



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