(High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program)

Many believe that H.A.A.R.P., based in Alaska, is capable of using its MILLION watts of power to cause minor erosion in already unstable tectonic plates thus causing earthquakes, at will and pre-designed, ANYWHERE in the world.  It has been suggested that the quake in Haiti was actually an attempt to hit Cuba.  Also, the massive quake in China that killed 150,000 has also been blamed on HAARP handiwork.  You can Google HAARP and find that it is an "innocent scientific research center" which is open to public scrutiny at pre-determined times:  "tours" are available.  If you want to get into the master workings of HAARP you can go to the following website and click on the available links at the top of the page for deeper scrutiny of its capabilities, but you will most likely need a scientific degree to understand most of it.  Fortunately, The Dragon has a member who is able to translate the data and if you send us an email with your questions, we will forward it and reply with an answer.  Here is the link:


  It used to be that you could look at the depth of a quake and anything that was 100 km below the surface was the work of HAARP.  However, it appears that it has recently been "adjusted" to cause quakes closer to the surface.  At present we do not have an exact figure for you but as this becomes available it will be published on this page.

Also, as new data becomes available we will display it here as long as we are able.  Should data suddenly STOP it will only be because HAARP has discovered us ... so let's hope that never happens.