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"Nothing in life is to be feared.
It is only to be understood."

Marie Curie

 ... these next few short years are the most important years in the 16.4 billion year long history of the universe. You should be very, very, very thankful to be alive at this period in time, because what's coming is bliss! ~ Dr. Carl Johann Calleman Apr 19, 2009

A s k  t h e  D r a g o n

OUR Dragon is the Chinese Symbol for Prosperity and Good Tidings.  There is nothing Demonic or evil here & your religious beliefs will remain intact while you travel through this site.  I attempt to show ALL sides of the coin, Ying Yang Balance, but if you find anything objectionable PLEASE, Email me! and bring it to my attention and I will investigate and change it if necessary.  The purpose of this site is to prepare you for 2012 AND the New Age of Aquarius ... not change your religious beliefs.  It is NOT the end of the world but we are about to enter the Biblical 1,000 years of peace.  If you do NOT have a Church, one of our sponsors is ... they are Universal, open-minded, and accepting of ALL religions.  Look for Fontanetum et Lucem in the directory above

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I've been doing a LOT of research in the last few years trying to figure out why the Mayan Calendar ends in 2012.  I have found that it is the end of TIME, NOT the end of the Earth!  As creation completes itself circa October 2012, linear time will CEASE to exist.  Ergo, since time no longer exists there is NO NEED to have a calendar, thus, the "2012" Sony movie's premise is FLAWED, although it DOES have great graphics!  Reality is what YOU make of it so think good thoughts and do NOT even think that it is anywhere close to the end of the World, just the beginning of the New AGE of Aquarius ... just like the hippies stated back in 1965. This is a "training planet" where we are taught how to use our Powers ... in baby steps right now, we are just about to realize how much power we REALLY have within us all.  Joyous times ahead for sure!  Hang in there just a little bit longer and listen to your Inner Self when it comes to protecting yourself and your loved ones ... in other words I will see you on top of the mountain with the rest of us when the time comes to be there!  

"The year in which we become gods; when consciousness sends out it's last intention of creation (it's actually in October of 2011 but there will be a different reality by 2012). It's the year when we become complete conscious co-creators of our very realities and experiences.

"It's important to know that The Mayan Calendar was never keeping track of time as we know it; it was a meter for the evolution of consciousness across the span of this galaxy, and an instrument to help entrain into intuition and move out of the mind/ego.

"To anyone reading this, the only thing you have to know is: what you put the focus of your attention on, you become conscious of; and what you become conscious of, you will manifest on a very literal scale. Kind of like a constant dream state that you're completely conscious of and have full control over.

"Be in ethics -- compassionate, forthright, caring, loving, honest -- and an ethical reality will manifest. Be in fear, anger, propitiation, worry, dishonesty, prejudice, and your manifested reality is going to be a direct reflection of these emotions (and there will also be a big chance that you perish/die).

"There's absolutely nothing to worry about or do. Quite the contrary, we're headed towards an ethical utopia, where the limitations of the mind disappear, and time & space dissolve, leaving us with great freedom to do anything we want.

"Worried stranger: The Mayan Calendar ends in 2012... we're all doomed!

Me: It's not about a particular date or event, it's about a period when our consciousness reaches it's full potential. Second of all, The newage Dreamspell Calendar is NOT The Mayan Calendar, and the world will NOT end... unless you want it to." ~~ Don Alenjandro Oxlaj Mar 17, 2009

N.B. To the person who thought there were no Maya left on the planet ... the above and the submission below are from Maya Ph.D.'s.

The following quote is from Dr. Carl Johann Calleman, recorded on Urban Dictionary on 4/19/09:

With the current climate of the world and all the ongoing problems -- economically, politically, heating of the sun & abnormal weather patterns, etc. -- it really does feel like something could happen by 2012 that will radically alter the course of that weird thing we call life. Time sure feels like it's speeding up, doesn't it?

It's not; creation is. More and more is happening in the world in less & less time, for the good & bad. In every aspect of our lives, change is happening at an accelerated pace, and it's going to continue to accelerate until everything possibly imaginable in creation will exist at the same time. So yeah, this leaves a realm of possibility open for more things to occur -- there could be a global cataclysmic-type event that wipes out 1/3 of the population, but there could also be some grand technological miracle/discovery that propels humanity into uncharted areas of novel & science.

The biggest misconception among people today (namely, archeologists and science-types whose consciousnesses are centered around physical, material evidence -- what they can see & measure only) is that the Mayan Calendar was keeping track of time the same way most modern day calendars keep track of time -- cycles of visible planetary objects in the sky around other planetary objects/ earth around the sun, etc.

The Mayan Calendar was actually a meter, or a gauge for the evolution of consciousness across the span of this galaxy. The reason the calendar abruptly "stops" on 12/21/12 is not because of some final doomsday event we're all going to watch unfold; it's because the schedule of creation will have completed. If a technology like a time machine (mind you, we've already teleported electrons) comes to exist by that year, what time will it really be? What need will there be for a calendar if the limitations of time & space dissolve? The truth is that the calendar "ends" because time as we know will no longer be linear, and so there won't be a need for a calendar. Now, that might seem hard to swallow at first, but keep in mind that there's a 17 mile long particle accelerator (lhc) under Switzerland that's set to recreate the conditions right after The Big Bang. Not so crazy now, huh?

This is what's really going to happen if your eyes are open enough for you to see. To whoever is reading this; these next few short years are the most important years in the 16.4 billion year long history of the universe. You should be very, very, very thankful to be alive at this period in time, because what's coming is bliss!
Paranoid stranger: The world's going to end in 2012 and we're all going to die!

Me: Smoke some sheeba and celebrate the moment. There is nothing to fear but fear itself.

~ Dr. Carl Johann Calleman Apr 19, 2009

Maya Timekeepers.

Sharing his reflections, Gerardo Barrios states:

"We are now in a transition period called the 'Cycle of the merge of the dark and the light.'...The cycle of the light will come in full force on 12/21/2012...Mother Earth as a living entity will transcend to another level or frequency of consciousness and a new and special era will begin...This era will be very positive. 'Let all beings rise. Let not one or two stay behind.'...The times are here for total brotherhood...The spirit beings, different philosophies, different races must begin to weave together all knowledge to create the tapestry of harmony and balance..."

For more regarding the above quote and MORE ... please check out this website. http://www.13moon.com/prophecy%20page.htm#2 . As always, should you feel this knowledge should be deleted please email and tell us why.

As Carlos Barrios said: "The change won't happen exactly on this day because it's not changed like a flash of light...[Dec 21, 2012] is just the beginning...It will take years..." 

Recent events are forecasting the beginning of "2012" to actually start in 2010 and end around 2014, since we're talking about a complete "Planetary Make-Over".~ Dartagnon

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Please Note:  It should take a GOOD Two Weeks to go through this entire Website and attend the lectures, view the videos, and read all the articles so PLEASE do NOT try to tackle it all in one day.  It CANNOT be done!  May we suggest that you read one section at a time, take some time to digest it, and then move on to the next section.  If you treat this as a Jules Verne Novel at first, and just enjoy the wild and crazy notions that are entertained here, you will feel better.  As it becomes apparent that everything said on this website is NOT fiction but is actually REAL, THEN you will get the queasy stomach and all that is associated with EXTREME Higher Learning!  If this website were NOT based on logic, HISTORY and ACTUAL facts I would say "take it or leave it", but since it IS FACTUAL may I suggest that you at least  make efforts to protect your future self.

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This is perhaps the BEST WAY to START This website.  Attend the following lecture and the reason for this website should become apparent.  If not or if so, you will prosper by reading on through the website and enjoying the videos, books, articles, and all of the New and Fresh and Exciting knowledge that you will most likely "prefer" to keep it to yourself for now, but when you meet someone who knows this SAME information, you will know it!  Like attracts like, after all.  Here is the lecture I promised from Ian Lungold of the Melon University, talking about Ascension and how Creation is accelerating and all sorts of other cool topics such as the fact that this Aeon is ENDING, yes, BUT The NEW Aeon, The Age of Aquarius is in the process of BEGINNING ... death creates life ... you will ENJOY THIS!

Make a bowl of Popcorn and then Click Below for Ian X. Lungold's lecture at the Melon University:

http://video.google.com/videoplaydocid=9024823223261269185& q=mayan+calendar+site3Avideo.google.com&total=117&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=4

OR Click HERE = http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docid=-9024823223261269185&hl=en&fs=true style=width:400px;height:326px allowFullScreen=true allowScriptAccess=always type=application/x-shockwave-flash>

All About the Pineal Gland and Its True Main Function

If you are an ADVANCED MEMBER of Ask the Dragon, please insert your Dragon code number and then click ENTER below:

Dragon Code 777 -- Enter

Until we finish the technical part of this please use the Dragon Code Above.  This section is "Advanced" simply because it deals with the Pineal Gland and its function.  If moving through time and space bothers you, please, by all means do NOT click on the above button ... but if Time Travel interests you, and you exercise complete control over yourself then, by all means, please Enter above.  You'll find it fascinating.  If you have further info to share with US please feel free to email us with that.


"If we don't believe in freedom of expression for
people we despise, we don't believe in it at all."
-Noam Chomsky



This was borrowed from Ian Lungold's site ... http://www.mayanmajix.com ... refer to his site for purchasing Calendars and Jewelry

as well as more info on the Maya and Mayan Culture


The Mayan Calendar Applied
by Ian Xel Lungold

 Click Here to go to Ian Lungold's Mayan Calendar Page


Ancient Cities Under Giza ... Click Here

David Flynn's Most Interesting Lecture on the Links of Mars & Earth and What this Has to Do with 2012

Once you have listened to the Mayan Lecture by Ian Lungold and THIS lecture by David Flynn you will be ready to view the rest of our website but we HIGHLY recommend viewing the TWO lectures FIRST!  This will give you the background and knowledge you'll need to forge ahead and take in the rest of the knowledge.  WITHOUT watching these two lectures first it might be harder to understand what we're discussing in the following sections. 

Remember, the KEY to surviving through 2015 is to have a VERY OPEN MIND and to think WAY outside the box.  What you have learned all of your life and the "physics" of what you were taught will gradually be "tossed out" as we go along here .  ( we are neutral to ALL religious views and you will not be offered a route that requires you to deny your God or religion. ) If you were taught history back in the 1940's, 50's, or 60's the odds are GOOD that we will be taking over where those professors left off.  If you were taught history in the 70's, 80's, and 90's, I have NO CLUE what they taught you but I have a sneaky hunch that what we will be telling you here will seem like Major News to you, so hang in there and bear with us, you should be able to reach a logical, or intuitive, conclusion by the time we are done with this page.  AT LEAST that IS our Purpose Here!  We are NOT trying to re-write history here ... THAT has ALREADY been done!  We are bringing BACK the history that has been altered, changed, re-shaped, and adding a bit to it.  Modern teachings would have you believe that humanity did not START until 3180 BC.  But as many of you remember from the OLD history classes, humanity went WAY BACK into the caveman days, Neanderthal Man and all of that, PLUS, even farther back than all of them.  BUT, we will have some videos and mentions and Tiamat, which was the name for earth some 150,000 years ago.  Knowledge goes back that far ... unfortunately, modern history does NOT, any more.

A LOT of what we tell you in this website you will recognize from when you were a child (1940's, 50's, 60's) and THAT history was taught readily in the schools, heck, it was Common Knowledge back then.  And then all this NEW KNOWLEDGE started to be taught and everyone older just said "Whuh?" 

This will give you some NEW insight from a Scientific View ...  We present David Flynn's lecture ... http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4558580438867695185

David Flynn discusses the 33.33rd parallel in his lecture, above.  Here is ANOTHER interesting story about the 33rd parallel and the Masons and other interesting news, below:


N.B. The Masons were the founders of this country and whenever a contrary view shows them in a poor light it is an effort to maintain BALANCE on this web page.  There are MANY different views in this world, and we can't cover them all, but we will offer as many major views as possible here.  Once again, if YOU have a view that you feel needs to be included here for balance, please send us an email at:  The Dragon Wants to Know What You Think!


“If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately.” Thomas Paine

We depend on the generosity of our donors to help cover the costs of incorporating as a non-profit corporation so that YOU get the benefit of a tax write-off for a charitable donation.  Eventually our sponsors will help in that effort but for now we depend on YOUR generosity.  But Before you decide, please wander through the site and download a FREE book or two, watch an award winning lecture, be amazed at some of the video footage, and just enjoy the totally unique knowledge you will find on this website.  And it's all true too!  God Bless!                     



 We WILL be presenting MANY different realities, religions, beliefs, and codes in the following pages!  This is not because I am scattered or that many different people are writing these pages, it is because YOU have the right to choose among the different beliefs and religions.  If truth be known, my personal preference is to believe in the one true Prime Creator God.  I pray directly and the ONE law that I prefer to follow is "Harm Ye No One!"  I follow the teachings of many of the ascended Masters and feel that they believe as I.  I'm more than happy to debate these points at any time, with anyone, as long as we adhere to the Laws of Love in such discussions.  So, if you see the words of Count Saint Germain, or Jesus Christ, or the Gautama Buddha, or others, it is for your own growth and you may choose, or not, to incorporate THEIR beliefs into your own.  Remember that YOU are the ultimate judge in what YOU believe.  You decide which God, or god, you will follow, or not.  You decide if you wish to follow a prescribed religion, or not.  This website is all about YOU!  Please, do NOT ever think that I am telling you that you HAVE to believe anything mentioned here.  You could take all of the knowledge in these pages, scramble them all together in a hat, and randomly pull out pieces of paper, name your god "Skippy", and define this new religion as "You-ism" (you can also insert your name in place of "you", or any other name for that matter) and I would be perfectly content with that, not that you need MY approval for anything.  Capiche?   ~ Dartagnon, Your Humble Webmaster

This is a crucial time in history, it is the END of the Age or Aeon.  This is NOT the end of the World, but we are at the threshold of the BEGINNING of the New Age!  It seems that, as a rule, when an Age ENDS and a New Age begins there is a LOT of turmoil associated with the transition, historically.  Remember that history REPEATS ITSELF!  It is the beginning of the Age of Aquarius ... the New World Order!  NOT the NWO mentioned on the dollar bill but the New World Order of mankind ... the New Evolution of Mankind ... as we move from 3 dimensionality to FIVE DIMENSIONALITY.  Many of you know what I'm discussing here ... YOU will enjoy this site the most!  For those of you who are not familiar with 5D this will be a learning site for you ... there is much for you to absorb.  I hope you can hang in there with us and follow the lessons.  It is IMPORTANT that ALL humans Ascend at this time!  You have PLENTY of Time to adjust for the New Age ... 3.33 years at this point.  (This will be updated as time goes on!)  This is a VERY complex issue and cannot be discussed in one paragraph so we have created an entire PAGE to deal with the subject .  You DO want to read the page and follow the links and read the books that discuss this event in detail.  2012 will be a WILD year and there will be many events happening as that year approaches. I', just finding out now that the years immediately AFTER 2012, i.e., 2013,2014, & possibly 2015 will be even MORE rowdy thanks to the fact that Nibiru will not be clear of our solar system until around the end of 2014 or mid 2015.  Once Nibiru's gravitational effect upon Earth is no longer felt it will be MUCH smoother sailing after that.  Read about it HERE! ~ Your Webmaster

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *   *  *  * *  *  *   *  *   *   *   *

Tired of your old church?  Do they just NOT preach what you believe or do they use Hate Speech when talking about minority groups such as gay people or others?  Would you like to find a church that is REAL, with NO judgment of others, NO H8 speech, No guilt-trips, NO condemnation, just a loving, thoughtful, church that is concerned with their members to the point they get Gov't grants for their followers to help rebuild homes, or roofs, etc.?  Then perhaps you might want to consider the Fontanetum et Lucem (The Springs and the Light) Church of White Water, near Palm Springs, California.  We are open to ALL faiths, all preferences, all races,colors and creeds.  We LOVE everyone ... Please Join us for free on Facebook  http://www.facebook.com/groups/147570291952666/ or help us file our legal papers for 501(c) non-profit status and your deductions will be tax-deductible: 

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Our Pastor is familiar with and wants you to find The Creator in YOU!  God lives within us all, as per Jesus Christ's teachings in the Bible when His disciples asked Him how to find God and He told them to "Look Inside", and He is shared among us through "Loving Your Neighbor".  There are also many spiritual forces about that can help you in times of trouble.  The next time you want to shout and scream email us and we'll reply as quickly as possible.  (For you that want to send us smut links please don't ... we turn Spammers over to their local authorities).  We are here for YOU ... all of you ... we want to hear from you and make you happy.  Live life and prosper ... Love, Light and Peace be with you all, ~Your Pastor Dave

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And HERE is our first act to show OUR sincerity in what we preach!  This is a book that we all found VERY uplifting and is perhaps the whole reason for starting this website in general.  It may be tough for some of you to understand this book at first but it is ONLY for the open minded, the truly GIFTED people, fellow members of the Family of Light but we want you ALL to read it.  If it's not your cup of tea, that's OK.  Not everything we say here will appeal to everyone.  It shouldn't.  We ALL have our own special likes and dislikes and we RESPECT that!  We are all individuals but we are all working to UNIFY the human race into ONE MIND, ONE PLANET, 7 BILLION DIFFERENT SOULS!  NOT an easy task.

Please ENJOY this book ... it is given to you freely with love by those who will introduce themselves in the book.  Please pardon the typos but that may be the reason that there is no charge for it and they are minor in comparison to the knowledge you'll get from it.  And if you REALLY enjoy the book, feel free to make a donation.  It will help us to add another page to this website!

It's all about LOVE!

We GIVE you .... "Bringers of the Dawn" ...


Check "Book Central" for ELEVEN books that can be printed from your computer for FREE, ClickHERE


The above book is brought to us by the Pleiadians, according to the book, and I thought it only fitting that I introduce you to one of the most amazing humans known as the Count Saint Germain.  This fellow was extremely INTERESTING in that he is spoken of and referenced by Voltaire who lived in the early to mid 1700's.  St. Germain also was familiar with Louis XIV of France as well as Louis XV, and Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.  It is also said that when the Declaration of Independence was being signed in 1776 there was an anonymous guest who appeared in the room and spoke to everyone, encouraging them to sign the Declaration without hesitation.  That anonymous guest was also believed to be St. Germain. 

His book, "Saint Germain on Alchemy, For the Adept in the Aquarian Age" recorded by Mark & Elizabeth Prophet, (ISBN #0-916766-68-3) is an interesting read and you can purchase used editions for a low as $1.31 + shipping from Amazon Books.  It's an interesting book, combining the teachings of Jesus Christ, The Gautama Buddha, and St. Germain, the Ascended Masters and Teachers.  From one of the inside cover pages the book describes itself as follows:

"He bedazzled the royal courts of Europe in an attempt to avert the bloody French Revolution.  And expanded scientific knowledge to fan the flame of the Industrial Revolution.

"And now, with the same skill he used to transmute the flaws in diamonds at the court of Louis XV, Saint Germain has turned himself  'to the perfectionment of mankind at large' ... and dedicated to Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, his amanuenses, the four works brought together for the first time in one volume.

"The Master of the Seventh Ray and the Aquarian Age imparts secrets he had used for centuries by which you can, if you apply yourself, duplicate his achievements."

Known for his ability to walk among people unnoticed, to pass invisibly past door guards, a master of Alchemy, methods of visualization, how to tap the energy of creation, and for our purposes here, how to acquire the talents you need to fulfill your Mission in Life. 

He also teaches how to become an adept at being a Light Worker and gain entree into the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood, (an order of people who deal with working with the Light ... "white" referring to the Light).

All in all a well-rounded individual who had perfected the use of herbs to prolong his life, he was known for living into the early 20th Century from what was believed to be the 1600's as ventured by Countess v. Georgy, who met him in Venice in 1710 at what she believed him to be 45 years old, but still appearing to be that age some 30 years later.  When told that she had, in fact, met HIM in Venice at the time she said that would be impossible since he appeared to be only 45 at the present time of her speaking with him and that would make him actually over 100 years old, to which St. Germain replied "that would NOT be impossible."

In my searches through history I have only found one other individual who had such a mastery of herbs and that was Jeung Lee of Tibet who was born in 1670 and died in 1932, at the age of 262 years old.  He too had found an old herbal recipe that dated back to China around 10,000 B.C.  I had actually had that formula copied, after spending over 40 years finding an old out of print book that contained the formula but it seems that a problem with lung congestion accompanies the formula unless you walk over 30 miles per day.

For those interested in long life, alchemy, and some interesting history about the Royal Courts you may want to obtain a copy of this book.

Given that the U-Tube Video that follows, talks about ALL the Planets in Our Solar System going into one form of global warming or another ... isn't it likely that the following book is really NOT that accurate!?  We're GIVING you Chapter 15 Downloads below ... That's Chapter 15 of the book "2012 For Dummies".  (links to follow)

THIS is Chapter 15 of "2012 For Dummies" ...> http://colinandrews.net/files/c15_Proof-2012BookChapt15-WebSite.pdf

This YouTube Video discusses that ALL the Planets in our Solar System are Going thru Global Warming ... it mentions the arrival date in the Northern Hemisphere of the 10th Planet, Nibiru, that comes through every 3600 years (due here in 2009) ... The language is a bit harsh in some areas so if you are "language fragile" you may not want to listen to it ... > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmKOkjCEiTk

Here's another YouTube Video that discusses 2012 and Global Warming!  It has a lively soundtrack at least and some kewl movie shorts ... I always wanted to see what a tidal wave coming into New York City would look like.  But I think the point of this video is that NO ONE REALLY KNOWS what the heck is going to happen.  Sure, there's a LOT of theory and conjecture but no one REALLY knows.  There's ANOTHER video that shows that ALL of the planets are experiencing Global Warming ... spots on Pluto, Mercury is getting even hotter and Mars is going through changes.  It is my PERSONAL OPINION that people CAN control the weather.  Right now the economy sucks and life is not so good ... what does the weather look like?  ... does it REALLY portray our MOOD?   I think SO!  OK ... with THAT in mind please have fun with the following Video ...  


Global Warming ... Fact or Fiction?  What is REALLY happening and WHAT is causing Global Warming if it is NOT man-made!  Click here for an interesting view from 2012pro.com

This video seems to be very complete in that it discusses 2012 and many of the several aspects that will be going on at the same time.  This video will seem a bit "out there" if you are NEW to this but if you are a veteran this will be stuff that you've heard of already.  This video should bring the novice up to speed quite rapidly, as long as you have a what?  An Open Mind! 


Remember !   THINK KIND THOUGHTS!  We're at a point in time when our THOUGHTS are manifesting THE FASTEST EVER!  Do NOT wish harm on anyone!  It will come back at YOU too if you do, so DON'T DO IT!  Remember that little saying in the Bible that says "Thou shalt NOT judge ... Lest YE Be Judged!"  Matt7:1-5.  It means "what YOU reap is what you sow".  Need I go on?  Perhaps one more step.  Remember to be careful for that which you ask.  Also, do NOT subconsciously challenge YOURSELF.  This can manifest in the form of cancers or tumors. Think kind thoughts about yourself and remind yourself ALWAYS that you are IN PERFECT HEALTH!

* * * * * * *

Are You Concerned About the Coming Magnetic Shift?  Here is an informative page that should answer most of your questions.

All About Magnetic Shifts ... Click Here!

Our "Free Book Central" now encompasses ELEVEN Free downloadable books ... Click Here!



Alchemy, and everything about it, totally excites me.  What most people think when they hear the word "alchemy" is turning iron, lead or steel into gold.  When I FIRST ran into alchemy it was in a book by Manly Hall called "Secret Teachings of All Ages".  What struck me first was the fact that the person performing the alchemic transmutation must be "pure at heart".  The second point was that when one performs alchemy, part of the experiment is done in OUR three dimensions while a small part must be performed in the 4th and 5th dimension.  When I first read this back in the 1980's it seemed nearly impossible.  But, in recent years, we are learning that we are moving up to the level of 5th Dimensionality and therefore Alchemy should come back into vogue.  Many of you perform alchemic experiments on a daily basis and don't even know it. 

Have you ever wanted to attend an outdoor event but did not have the entry fee and had to make yourself  "invisible" in order to get past the ticket takers?  Analyze closely since it could have taken many different forms.  You may have talked your way in by creating an alternate reality that you convinced the ticket takers was real and then slipped past them, either with their knowledge ... or not.

I have one such story that I will bore you with here, or not, just to make my point and give you an example of that which I speak.  I wanted to attend a national event that happened each year in my previous local town.  IN order to get in you had to drive in and the ticket takers would sell you a ticket and in you'd go.  I used my mtn bike that day and rode in about 200 feet off the road but came to this man-made clearing that was there so that the ticket takers could spot miscreants such as myself attempting to obtain free entrance.  I surrounded myself with a cloud and mentally imagined myself to be invisible to all and proceeded to walk my bike through the open area.  As I walked I noticed another set of wheel tracks and some footprints that appeared to be about a size 10.  Once I got into the race track area I ran into a friend and I waved and said "Hi".  He came over to me and said that he had "made himself invisible" just like I had taught him, and he walked his bike past the ticket takers ... just as I had just done.  I mentioned the footprints and tire tracks I'd seen on the way in and asked if those were his to which he concurred.  I had been impressed with my OWN ability to get past the "guards" but was further impressed that a friend had actually taken my advice and tried and succeeded at making himself invisible.

Anyway, The Above is an Example of Alchemy.  Whenever one transmutes reality and bends or twists it to his or her own preferences THAT is alchemy.  The trick is NOT to use it in a way that hurts others.  ALWAYS do it for the GOOD of mankind and you can never go wrong.  Try to abuse the power and you have just bit off MORE than you could possibly EVER chew!

Saint Germain summed it up as follows:

"The inner meaning of alchemy is simply all-composition, implying the relation of the all of the creation to the parts which compose it.  Thus alchemy, when properly understood, deals with the conscious power of controlling mutations and transmutations within Matter and energy and even within life itself.  It is the science of the mystic and it is the forte of the self-realized man who, having sought, has found himself to be one with God and is willing to play his part."  ~Count Saint Germain

In other words, if you suspect that there is more to life than what you see on the surface, you're most definitely correct.  Oft times what appears to be is not always what is.  An example of this is the Sorcerer's Stone.  Once again Secret Teachings of All Ages has a section on the Sorcerer's Stone.  If my research was correct the Sorcerer's Stone has to do with the dew that forms atop leaves and things in the early morning hours during the month of June.  Should one collect this "dew" and follow the instructions in Secret Teachings one would be imbibed with the knowledge of how to obtain the certain things necessary to create a Sorcerer's Stone as outlined in the book. 

Just look at the life of Leonardo DaVinci and his life and you'll see what I mean.  Did he live within the laws of the physics of his time period?  No!  Did he believe that there was more to life than what could be seen with the naked eye?  Yes!  Did he study "outside the box" and believe that he could alter, transmute, and mutate matter to his wishes?  Yes!  Was he able to do such things?  Many say "YES"!

If the above intrigues and excites you I welcome your participation in the pages that follow and I invite you to read the book on Alchemy and St. Germain, also Manly Hall's "Secret Teachings of All Ages".  If you have difficulty finding either of these you are welcome to contact us for ISBN numbers and sources on who has the books at this time.  We are always willing to help in this and any other questions that perplex!


Enjoy the following video that discusses ONE PLANET, ONE THOUGHT, 6 BILLION SOULS ... the Age of OneNess




     Aspirations, Goals, and Prayers

It is important to realize that YOU set up EACH Day as You Would Like it2B!

The methods you use are:

  • Intention
  • Breathing
  • Using the Pillar of Light
  • Spinning - Left to right 33 times to start

Before we get into the above lets revue the "formula" that works to help us stay centered, and in so doing we'll discover the above as well .

  • In the moment and every day consistently set out with clarity what YOU wish to experience.  Perhaps what you want falls into a category of impossibility according to someone else's boundary or someone else's limitations.  With a sense of deserving and graciousness, discover inside yourself what will bring you happiness.  What makes YOU feel light and connected and alive?  What do you desire that will bring peace on the planet as you occupy your own being?
  • Whatever these things are write them down and "begin to want them".  Call them TO yourself by saying, "It is my intention that I experience a harmonious lifestyle.  It is my intention to experience health and energy that lead me to creative adventures.  It is my intention that I be well provided for, that shelter and food and all of the things I need to experience life be given me in great abundance, and that I pass this great abundance on and share it with others."  Two or three times a day, devote a small portion of your time to getting clear about what you want.  Every day open the energy centers in your body and above by calling the frequency of light.  We call this the Pillar of Light.  Picture a beam of light coming into you 12 chakra centers, 7 inside your body and 5 outside.  These chakras are information centers or vortexes that, once activated , begin to spin.  When they spin they create a movement inside your body that activates the light-encoded filaments to work together, rebundle, and form the 12 evolving helixes in the body.
  • It is very important for everyone who wishes to be in complete balance with their physical being to practice, on a regular basis, some kind of deep-breathing program in which breath is very important and oxygenation is practiced so that oxygen is brought into the body.
  • Spinning is another activity for those who wish to move into a vast acceleration of energy.  Move from left to right and start with 33 spins at least once a day.  If you can work up to 33 spins, three times a day, you will be at 99 spins, and you should notice that your dimension is beginning to shift.  When you complete spinning bring your palms together at chest level and press them together, keeping yours eyes open and balance yourself with your feet a shoulder's width apart so that you feel anchored and still feel the spinning at the same time.  This tremendously accelerates the spinning of the chakra systems inside you body, which accelerates the rate at which you can interpret and receive data.
  • For more on the above you should read Chapter 21 of the book "Bringers of the Dawn" which is supplied above, or in the special "books" section when it arrives,  for free.
  • Here is a Success mantra from the Yogananda Paramahansa which will provide prosperity as soon as you link it to a "firm personal belief":

Thou art my treasure, Success and Joy.  I am thy child, Success and Joy.  All the wealth of this Earth, all the riches of the universe, belong to thee, belong to thee,

I am thy child, the wealth of Earth and Universe belongs to Me, belongs to me, oh belongs to me, belongs to me.

I lived in thoughts of poverty and wrongly fancied I was poor, so I WAS poor.  Now I am Home. Thy consciousness hath made me wealthy, made me rich, thou art my treasure I am rich I am rich.  Thou art everything thou art everything thou art Mine, I HAVE everything, I have everything, I am wealthy, I am rich.  I have everything, I have everything, I possess all and everything.  Even as thou dost, even as thou dost, I possess everything, I possess everything, thou art my wealth I have everything. 

I know that God's Power is limitless and as I am made in His image I too have the strength to overcome all obstacles.  The creative power of spirit will guide me and solve every problem.  The sunshine of divine prosperity has just burst through the dark sky of my limitations   ...  I am God's Child ... what He has ... I have.

The above is recited from memory so if there are a few minor flaws please forgive me but if I have created a monster PLEASE let me know.  I read it each day to make sure that it is perfect, just made 3 more corrections, and ONE of these days it will be, although each day it sounds perfect ~ Dartagnon

 Thank You & God Bless! < /font>

If the above does not appease you sufficiently, another of my own personal favorites is this Buddhist Blessing!   Om mani padme Hum!    It relaxes me tremendously and hopefully will do the same for you.  Just say it over and over and over until you feel relaxed.  Om mani padme hum ...



Many of you are familiar with, or have at least heard of, Nibiru.  Here is a brief explanation and then we have an "interesting rendition" by Jalaila Starr.  THIS section of The Dragon may, or may not, be real.  I have my theories and I expect that you may have some as well.  There is still some time left to figure out if Nibiru is real and whether and if, in fact, it is inhabited.  You may draw your own conclusions.  In an effort of fairness to all, I include the following explanations from the Urban Dictionary and perhaps others.  I will see if Wiki has a say on Nibiru, but I'm sure they do.  The evidence follows ... treat it as you wish:


Nibiru: this name is common through the whole internet. However, this name is misunderstood by a lot of people. Nibiru is being identified as a big planet that should be the home of the ancient (Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Mesopotamian, Assyrian and Magian) Gods, but Nibiru also has a second name that gives more detail of it's origin. That name is Nib-ru.

A Sumerian myth about Nibru is 'Enlil and the E-Kur'. Here is a small sample of the myth's translation: "Enlil, when you marked out the holy settlements, you also built Nibru, your own city." The city of the Sumerian god Enlil (Ellil) here is called Nibru. This city is known today as Nippur and this name has striking similarity to the name Nibru. Also the Temple of Enlil is, or was, in Nippur.
According to the Sumerian Flood myth, Enlil wanted to flood the people because he could not sleep. So he planned this flood and told the other gods not to tell anybody about this. Enki (the wise-one, the al-knowing one) dit not want his creation (men) to die for this. Before the flood, the myth says that the Gods depart from the earth.
Beside the myth, we can understand that the gods are creatures, just like us. And also Enlil should leave earth, because his city Nibru would be flooded. Not a Planet.

Another sign to the city Nibru, is the bond, Duranki. Dur-an-ki is sumerian for; “The Bond between Heaven and Earth”. Dur: a Bond between some things, An: Heaven and Ki: Earth, Making Duranki. What has this to do with Nibiru? Well, Nibiru is also know as “the Ferry” or the “Planet of the crossing” or the Sumerian “Winged planet” there is also a symbol from ancient Sumer of the winged planet.

The “winged planet” refers to be a comet or some sort.
And “the Ferry” is an extra name given by some theorists.
The Planet of the Crossing however, is the original meaning, but also this is been wrongly interpreted. The planet is earth, and the crossing is Duranki in Nibru (Nippur). So you could say that it is not Planet of the Crossing but the City of the Crossing.

This does not mean that Planet X, that is given the name Nibiru, does not exist. According to the Mayans, a calendar will end in the year 2012, and a new one begins, and this calendar hail's the coming of the Red Comet. This red comet is, possibly, also know as Wormwood.

Wormwood: This is described in the book of Revelations in the bible. The bible says that archangels throw down thunder and lightning. If you read the book Revelations carefully, you read that the writer of Revelations is actually describing comets raining on the earth, turning the rivers and seas into blood, this is because of the phosphor and iron inside the comets coloring it red, like blood. Also fire is described because of the comets traveling through the ozone-layer. All of this could have come from the Red Comet, if the Red Comet is Wormwood.

In the book of Revelations, there is a very strange sentence: “8:12 The fourth angel sounded, and one third of the sun was struck, and one third of the moon, and one third of the stars; so that one third of them would be darkened, and the day wouldn't shine for one third of it, and the night in the same way. “. This is not just an angel doing something, this could be one of two things, the cloud of the Red Comet is darkening the sky, or this is the gravitational pull of the Red Comet. Halting the earth's cycle for a while and slowing it down for a third.

These day's, scientists have found and track a planet they named Sedna. This planet is reddish of color and is believed to be planet X, but this could not be, because of the distance and the size of the planet. Sedna is a little smaller compared to our moon. But the size is not sure yet, because Sedna is still so far away. And this planet, or comet, should be very visible in the sky according to the legends and mythology.

And another observation of scientists is the  coming of a very large object. This object is a brown-dwarf (an unborn star). Since a lot of stars in the Universe are binary stars (meaning that it is usually two stars circling around each other), then there is a possibility that also our star (Sol) is binary. The coming of the brown-dwarf is near and our star is going into a frenzy (causing extra heat to the green-house effect) This brown dwarf is not very visible until it reaches near our sun. The brown dwarf has a dust cloud around the surface. This will look like a planet with wings of fire (The Winged Planet). At the moment, a very big telescope is being constructed (update: it now exists and is in place and NASA is tracking these heavenly bodies) on the south-pole to watch the sky for the brown dwarf. It is believed the brown dwarf will come from the south passing us. Legend from the Mayans says, that the Red Comet will hit Earth at the seventh time it passes by, And this is the sixth time if the Red Comet passes us.
Let my beloved city, the sanctuary Nibru, raise its head as high as heaven. "Enlil saying, to Nibiru"

References in Urban Dictionary:

nibiru wormwood duranki enlil e-kur
by A.W.Megalon Nov 15, 2006

In Response to those who believe that Enlil was a jerk and wonder why we have nothing on Enki (the good guy) I present to you:

Enki -- the website

Above is the Esteemed Enki Himself ... Click on Him to go to His hidden page!




    Ascension 2012

There is a Taoist story of an old farmer who had worked his crops for many years. One day his horse ran away. Upon hearing the news, his neighbors came to visit. "Such bad luck," they said sympathetically. "We'll see," the farmer replied. The next morning the horse returned, bringing with it three other wild horses. "How wonderful," the neighbors exclaimed. "We'll see," replied the old man. The following day, his son tried to ride one of the untamed horses, was thrown, and broke his leg. The neighbors again came to offer their sympathy on his misfortune. "We'll see," answered the farmer. The day after, military officials came to the village to draft young men into the army. Seeing that the son's leg was broken, they passed him by. The neighbors congratulated the farmer on how well things had turned out. "We'll see" said the farmer.

It is all a part of the journey. Relax into it all. You are not stuck. Bring yourself back to this very moment. Focus on what is all around you. No judgment, none. Just be. You will be alright!  ~
One who is traveling with you. 

Our "Free Book Central" now encompasses ELEVEN Free downloadable books ... Click HERE




The following gives a Synopsis of 2012 and what's in store for us, how to make Ascension smoother and what to expect emotionally and physically:  Ask the Dragon makes no claim as to its authenticity and leaves it up to YOU to decide, but we have included it for those to whom it may give some respite from the headaches and stress that is being observed at this time (2009-2012) as we all go through Ascension from 3D to 5D!  Although many of you do not believe in Nibiru ... nothing wrong with that ... the information is STILL useful and beneficial.  I was feeling better thinking that Nibiru was a myth but then my friend in The Great Network assured me that Nibiru is alive and well and tipped Saturn off its axis when it passed on the way TO the Sun and has since circumvented the sun and is heading this way, scheduled to pass between Mars and Jupiter \ One Year after the Comet Elanin passes, which I believe has recently happened as of April 1st, '12 ... which means that Nibiru will pass dangerously close to Earth around April, latest, of 2013 ... typical ... EVERYTHING things to happen on "13".  The problem is physics.

When a Large heavenly body passes a smaller heavenly body in space, the smaller has a tendency to shudder and shake rather violently.  In our case it will be enough to toss the Atlantic into the Pacific, or vice-verse, and the land in between will be a bit of a mess for a while.  Historic records seem to concur, citing the Egyptians as the ONLY country to make it through ALL of the last 7 Age Changes ... dating back 175,000 years ... and my theory on that is that they have all gone into the Labyrinth Under Giza for protection from the "Surface Peril".

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Let’s Get Real about Ascension! Part 1
by Jelaila Starr
Written January 27, 2000

Click here for Reader’s comments.

Due to the length and scope of this article, Let’s Get Real about Ascension! will be presented in two parts. 

Ascension…the word conjures up visions of bliss, joy, and enhanced psychic abilities along with unlimited prosperity. All this is true once you reach a certain level of consciousness, but the path to that level of joy and prosperity is anything but.
I have read many articles from different channels and teachers on the subject of ascension. Overall, they emphasize the positive benefits and outcome of ascension; they only lightly touch on the reality of the ascension path, hence the reason for my article. I want to be real with you about ascension.
I’ve been on the ascension path, (different from the spiritual path) for the past 4 years. And even though I am no expert on ascension, only being able to share in hindsight from my own experiences, I can certainly tell you what I and many others I talked to who walk the path with me are feeling and experiencing. I want you to know that many of the things that you are experiencing on this path, the emotional, physical, and mental highs and lows, are both normal and to be expected. complete my recoding process and eventual ascension. Though they are the tools given to me by my guides, I continue to use them only because they work. They are like computer software without any bugs. They work for me every time. I want the simplest, most uncomplicated, most direct way to ascension. Anything that doesn’t fit into that description will not hold my attention. 

My experiences, though based on those tools and process, are still in most ways common to all. Just like all roller coasters are a little different from each other, there are still things they have in common.

I will be sharing some of the less than joyful aspects of the ascension process. My intention is not to frighten you from your goal but instead, to support you with the knowledge that you are not alone, you’re not crazy, and what you are experiencing is all part of the process. 

There are many areas to discuss in regards to the ascension path. I will cover those I feel to be the most universal and discuss the highs, lows and known pitfalls in each. They are Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Stability along with Relationships. But before I begin to discuss these areas, I feel it is important to share some of the basic understandings regarding ascension so that as you read the following information, you will know what I am talking about. Of course, these basics come from my own experience of the process and do not necessarily reflect the understanding of other teachers.


Ascension is a step-by-step, level-by-level process. We ascend by clearing our emotional blockages one layer at a time. As each layer is cleared, we attain a new level of consciousness and understanding. We become compassionate with ourselves, and others in the area we just cleared. And though at times we feel that we have gone backwards because the same issue has once again presented itself, we have in fact just brought forward another layer to be cleared.

We ascend in consciousness first with our bodies gradually transforming as we go. Each time we clear another layer and achieve compassion with the issue and people at hand, we change our DNA just a little more. Since our bodies are changing from a carbon based form to a crystalline based form, that means we emit a little more light—our cells consist of a little more light and less dense matter than before. It is anticipated that by the time we reach 2012, having gone through many years of emotional clearing, our bodies will be ready to move into a new frequency because they will resonate at that frequency. When enough people do this together it creates a new mass consciousness and reality. I am told it takes at least 144,000 people to accomplish this task and create the new reality. At that point we will have two realities or worlds—two earths. One will be 3D and the other will be 5D.

Clearing our emotional blockages means accessing old memories from our present and past lives, picking out the behavior pattern/patterns and the fear/fears that are at the root of that pattern, and then re-creating that fear in order to integrate it, along with a new behavior based on the absence of the former fear. 

For example, an old memory was about suppressing our emotions to appear sweet and nice regardless of the circumstances. This behavior was created to deal with the fear of being rejected if we chose to express feelings of anger or rage—feelings not acceptable to those we loved. We would choose to recreate it by experiencing a negative situation such as our mate accusing us of some wrongdoing. In this situation we would have the choice to use a new behavior (the new behavior would be to express what we feel in the moment regardless of the outcome, i.e., speaking our truth) or continuing with our old behavior of suppressing our anger to keep peace.

As we clear our emotional blocks and our DNA recodes, there is also something else happening to us simultaneously. We are essentially rewiring our physical bodies. What this means is that we are developing new neural pathways in our brains that allow us to continue to use the new behavior patterns we're creating as part of our emotional clearing. 

DNA recoding is about more than just changing the DNA, it is also about developing the internal structure to support the new crystalline wiring being created through the process. The compassion we are accumulating does not function in the old carbon based wiring of our body. Instead it functions in the new crystalline portion of our DNA and the new compassion based behaviors are accessed through our new neural pathways in our brains. 

Each time we clear a lesson and acquire a new dose of compassion from that clearing, that new dose must reside somewhere in the body and it must reside somewhere that will enable us to utilize it for ascension purposes. 

Compassion is the one thing that causes our DNA to change, and enables us to ascend. Compassion changes the frequency of our bodies. It is like helium. The more helium you have in a balloon, the higher it rises. The more compassion we can hold in our bodies through emotional clearing, the higher we ascend. Our consciousness increases, and our DNA changes to support that increase. 

The compassion I refer to here is heart centered compassion not head centered or intellectual compassion. Heart centered compassion can only be attained by experiencing our fears and the associated pain and the choosing new behaviors to integrate the fear. There are those that say you can ascend without feeling pain. Based on my experience, that is not the case. Pain has a value—it acts as a catalyst for change. I believe that only through pain can we even begin to understand and have compassion for another—the kind of compassion that enables us to feel what they feel but not get caught up in it. I firmly believe that out of pain comes heart centered compassion. Anything else is just intellectual compassion. It’s sort of like saying that you know all about ice-skating without ever having skated. Not the same.

The pain stored within our memories and emotional blocks is the fuel we use for ascension. The anger, shame, guilt, resentment—all forms of pain—when transmuted in the high heart chakra, become compassion, and compassion is the key element of ascension.

Ascension is holographic. Just like our world is holographic with each person experiencing their own little world inside a larger world, so ascension is the same. We will all experience ascension a little differently. Though there are some universal criteria for ascension, such as emotional clearing, no particular way is the “right” way. What matters is that we all reach the goal regardless of how we do it. 

Personal boundaries and agreements are the basis of multidimensionality and ascension. Personal boundaries are self-love in action and agreements are self-empowerment in action. Both are the foundation of any behavior that is to be considered higher dimensional.

For those who are using the Accelerated Process of DNA Recoding, ascension is still not complete. The only difference between those who accelerate and complete the rewiring of their physical forms, and the remainder of humanity is the fact that the rest of the population is recoding their DNA at a much slower pace. Their recoding will be complete at the same time that we are all ready for physical ascension around 2012. So, what I am saying here is that the same tools you use to recode will continue to be used to complete your ascension.

I have completed the Accelerated Recoding Process and have the necessary wiring and multidimensional consciousness needed to ascend, but I am no way ready to ascend. My physical body has a long way to go to get light enough to shift into 5D. I have a lot of clearing left to do. The only reason that I chose to go the accelerated route was to be able to complete the rewiring process, achieve the higher consciousness way of thinking so that I could turn around and help others through the process. The Accelerated DNA Recoding Process was given expressly for that reason. And based on the intensity of that process, there is no other reason to do it. This process was designed for walk-ins, starseeds, and lightworkers who feel they are here to complete a mission as teachers.

Now that we have covered the basics of ascension (there are probably more that I don’t recall right now), we can move on to the areas of ascension that I discussed earlier.

Mental Stability


As we begin the ascension process one of the first things we begin to notice is the differences between the new way of thinking and being, and the old way.  Though the new way has its pitfalls, I definitely prefer it because of one very important thing—it enables me to pull myself out of mental, emotional and physical distress created by victimhood. 


Higher dimensional thinking causes us to lose friends, friends who wish to stay victims. As we move further into ascension, we no longer resonate at the frequency of victimhood. Therefore, our friends and loved ones find no safe harbor in their friendship with us anymore. This is difficult for me even though I understand it. We are no longer mentally in step with the rest of the world. 

I have many times over the last 4 years wondered if I was losing my mind. When I look at those I know who are living strictly 3D lives, seemingly unaffected by the changes I am experiencing, I wonder which of us is sane and which isn’t. As the earth continues to separate into two different worlds, one being 3D and the other on the upward spiral to 5D, the idea of differing realities becomes very real to us. I look at my 3D companions and wonder how in the world they can continue to live their lives oblivious to the changes taking place around them. To say they are asleep is an understatement. And though this understanding helps my state of mind, it most definitely does not bring relief and comfort to my heart. I feel the separation acutely.

I hurt from the knowledge that we have less and less in common, less and less to say to one another. We are drifting apart like two ships passing in the night and there is nothing that I am willing to do about it. For to do something about it would be to either let go of my present path and return to a total 3D life that would leave me emotionally and spiritually dead, or try to convince them to awaken and begin the spiritual path so that we can have something in common that is of interest to us both—something that makes both our hearts sing. As you can see, neither is a worthwhile option. The first one hurts me and the second one hurts them and breaks the universal law of free will.

So they tell me I’m crazy and need to check into a mental hospital. I console myself by telling myself that one day, when the things I believe begin to happen on a global scale, they will come around. And until that time comes, I must let go of my desire to be accepted by them. 

But sometimes they put forth some pretty convincing arguments, so convincing in fact that I find myself giving myself another good old-fashioned reality check. I ask myself why I am doing this, why I am willing to hold on to nothing in order to attain a goal that I have no guarantee that I will reach, or that when and if I do, it will be all that I was told it would be. 

I run through the facts in my head that I have accumulated for just such an occasion. I remember that I was told that it would not always be easy—that the path is narrow, rocky and full of pitfalls. But I also remember those days when I have just come through another lesson and feel that blissful state of peace, or the prosperity that suddenly arrives unannounced but oh so welcome, or the synchronicities that bring some new friend and companion to my doorstep. Just a few of those memories and I am once again able to see and feel that this path, this goal is worth it, and I pull myself together and continue on.

Memory Loss is another one of the challenges we face on the ascension path. Though not caused by the choice to ascend, it nevertheless remains a great obstacle. Our planet is ascending and as part of that process the planetary magnetic grid tends to wobble as the solar flares from the sun hit it. 

Our memory is tied to this grid and with each wobble, our memory glitches. These glitches can be large or small, but in either case they can create conflict between individuals. As the amount of memory glitching increases, the emotional imbalance this creates can wreak havoc in our relationships. 

I have come to the point where I am grateful if I can remember what happened yesterday. I forget appointments, dates, numbers, agreements with my husband; it’s a real pain in the ass some days. Knowing it is part of planetary ascension is my one consolation.

On the positive side, as we continue to build the energy in our personal consciousness grids (our Light Body or Mer Ka Ba) through achieving higher and higher levels of multidimensionality, our memory will become less and less dependent on the planetary grid. 

Known Pitfalls

To me the greatest pitfall of ascension and becoming multidimensional is the communication gap with those remaining asleep in 3D. I can look someone in the eye while talking to them and when it is time for them to respond it is as though they never heard me. I have often had the feeling of being invisible to others. It’s like they don’t see me anymore. I talk to them, but they don’t see me. Very disconcerting! It triggers my feelings of rejection and abandonment. I guess this is good because it gives me the opportunity to clear this issue, but it hurts all the same.

The other aspect of this communication issue is that sometimes when I am in a conversation with someone, they don’t understand what I am saying. This many times leads to arguments and hurt feelings. And it isn’t just with 3D people; it is also with those who are on the ascension path too. Jonathan and I go through this a lot. Sometimes I am the one who is not able to make sense. My words don’t portray my thoughts. They call come out in a jumble of disconcerted sentences. Very frustrating!

With the planetary frequency rising and the resulting dimensional splitting, it makes it harder to communicate with anyone. Perhaps it is also contributing to the rise in crime and emotional/mental imbalance we are seeing all around us and on TV.

Another pitfall is wondering if you are being mind-controlled by the other dimensional beings who are assisting you or those who are your current 3D teachers on the ascension path. The thing is, most techniques and tools used in ascension can also be used to mind control. What can free us can also enslave us. Discernment is critical, but it can make you crazy if you don’t know how to use it. I have found that the way to know which reality is real, whether someone is attempting to mind control me, and what the true intentions are of any teacher, 3D or otherwise, is to ask my Soul to either confirm or deny the information and to tell me why. This tool is one of the Keys of Compassion and it has kept me sane throughout this process. I will be writing more on the subject of mind control in an upcoming article.

Emotional Stability


I have found that even though I am getting hit with issues almost on a daily basis right now, I am more emotionally stable than I was a year ago. I can thank the higher dimensional tools and understanding for that. Being able to look at the pain that pervades our world, feeling it and having the tools to keep from getting caught up in it so that I experience secondhand victimization, is a real blessing. Just wish I used them more often. I am still triggered by child abuse. I have yet to reach the point in using the tools where I can watch the movie Schindler’s List.


Ascension takes a heavy toll on our emotions since it necessitates the purging and balancing of both upper and lower chakras. As we bring up fears to be integrated from past and present lives, we experience the often times sheer terror of those fears and this wreaks havoc on our emotions as well as our minds and bodies. I have experienced living 24/7 with fears so great that I want to commit suicide just to escape their intense

se that pain’s trigger point from my body. 

Sometimes I don’t get it soon

feelings. They lock up my bowels and make my body hurt wherever the fears are stored. After living with a fear day after day, I find myself emotionally, mentally and physically fatigued until I can use the higher dimensional tools given to me, enough to understand the fear and integrate it. Until my inner child has experienced that fear with me long enough to see that it will not be destroyed by it, she will not releaenough or the fear is so intense and overwhelming that I go emotionally numb through depression. Depression becomes a way to escape from the pain because it numbs me emotionally and physically. It’s like hiding in the deepest recesses of a cave and going to sleep. Obviously when this happens, it will take longer to integrate the fear and complete the lesson around the fear because I must be willing to eventually leave the cave to do so.

Vivid Dreams…which reality is real? Vivid dreaming, though exciting can be a real emotional challenge because we sometimes experience dreams so real that we don’t know which reality is which. We sometimes have bleed through from our multidimensional selves in other realities and the emotions from this can be overwhelming and cause us to become caught up in that other world and unable to function in our own.

Known Pitfalls

The most significant pitfall that I have found on my ascension path is using higher consciousness thinking to avoid expressing anger and feeling pain. The tool that I use the most for ascension is The Formula of Compassion, but it is a double-edged sword. My Ego/Inner Child has often tripped me up while using this process. Knowing my intent is the key. Sometimes I think I know my intent just to find out later, through my body most often, that what I thought was my intent was not my intent at all.  When this happens, the compassion I acquire is only intellectual compassion, not heart-centered compassion, therefore I do not get a real frequency boost for my ascension process. It is like empty calories. 

Jelaila Starr,
The Nibiruan Council

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Supplemental Resources:
Accelerated DNA Recoding Process: http://www.nibiruancouncil.com/html/recodeoverviewarticle.html#

Multidimensional Keys of Compassion: http://www.nibiruancouncil.com/html/keysoverview.html#

Author Info:
Jelaila Starr, author of We are the Nibiruans, The Mission Remembered, and The Keys of Compassion is an internationally known channel, teacher, and counselor. Through her lectures, workshops, and articles, Jelaila's message of compassion has touched the hearts of people around the world inspiring hope and understanding while providing solutions to some of today’s most pressing challenges.  

As a psychic/intuitive/counselor, Jelaila works with individuals to assist them with emotional clearing, healing relationships, and DNA Recoding.  Jelaila's unique approach enables her clients to clearly discover who they are, what they came to do, and how to achieve it.  To contact Jelaila, email her at: jelaila@nibiruancouncil.com
Website: www.nibiruancouncil.com



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Interesting Video on Indigo Children


Indigo & Crystal Kids ... a Discussion


The following is the BEST description of an Indigo child OR adult I have ever heard*:

They come into the world with a God complex ... like they are King's of this world.

They KNOW they deserve to be here and they shun those who disagree.

They tell their parents who they are ... not the other way around ... and know their self-worth.

THEY must be the ones to choose who has absolute authority over them, and only after it has been explained to them thoroughly and meets with THEIR approval.

Making reservations, standing in line or waiting their turn are just some of the things they do not do well.

They get frustrated with systems that are ritually oriented and don't require creative thought.

They often find better ways to do things, at home, school, or work which makes them seem appear anti-conformist and NOT team players.

They appear antisocial unless there are others of like consciousness around them, often acting shy or introverted, feeling like no one understands them. They do not blend easily in school.

"Guilt" discipline offends them since they see right through it.

They are quick to let you know what THEY "require" to be happy.

No 'supernatural powers', but they are more intuitive and spiritual.

Also check the following links for even more info:


*Thanks "Autumn" for the above info


All About Light Workers & How to Identify if You are One!


Regarding Ascension/DNA



"Consciousness reaches one point eventually.  2011 (February 10, 2011 to be exact) is the advent of Conscious Co-Creation while 2012 is the year of completion for all of creation.  By then you will be in full contact with your higher self.  IF YOU DO NOT LISTEN TO IT you will REMAIN in DARKNESS!

Still, troubled times lie ahead!  Troubled minds.  The Bible speaks of it too.

Soon, ALL will change.  Like NEVER before in our evolution.  Listen to your intuitive feelings.  They are NEVER wrong, but don't let your perception mess you up.  Once creation is complete, time will no longer exist.  Past, present, and future will all be one in the NOW.  Alzheimer patients are like this. Perhaps they are the foreshadowers of the future.  Try NOT to think ... rather FEEL the answer ... listen to your intuitive self ... 



No one is Less OR More!

The Secret to ALL is Ultimate Love, and Admiration for the Other.   WE Are the Gods of Our World ... What WE allow, IS, and that which we do NOT allow, IS NOT!  Don't let anyone bully you into accepting something into YOUR World ... it's YOUR World, ACT LIKE IT !  

True Self-Expression!

Good Luck on your Journey!

Reflect GOOD and You Will get goodness in return!


This is the Light Worker Section!    Light Workers Unite!

Are YOU a Light Worker?  Not sure?  Check the following link for clarification ... AND, if you ARE one of Us!  WELCOME!



 Hoax Of Equal Opportunity
And Equitable Prosperity

Oddly, even though this article was entered into The Dragon many years ago ... around 2006 ... this seems to be pertinent to the arguments of the "Occupy" Campaign that is sitting in peacefully all over the USA.  And here I was about to apply a disclaimer to the bottom of this telling you to believe what thou wilt ... but even if it wasn't relevant before, "The People" have made it relevant NOW~!  Which just goes to show ... When you WANT to change the world, change your own World, and wait for the "World" to catch up ... it's fun living in the Period of Cosmic Co-Creation isn't it? ... all we have to do is speak something into reality or type it into reality ... and Voila!  ... There it sits ... in beautiful downtown Reality!  Time to pray for that Ferrari you always wanted ... be sure to follow the same rules for Alchemy, listed above.  You wouldn't want it to turn out to be a Lamborghini, so, Follow the Instructions to the letter!


The following link is LONG, TEDIOUS, but NOT BORING but very DEPRESSING.  It seemed to me to be longer than some of the college courses I have taken but it IS important for everyone to read since it basically tells everyone what is happening not only in the United States and Canada but all throughout the World and how Humanity is being exploited by a very small minority who encompass MORE wealth than the entire 99% of the people below them.  The end of the article contains the solution but it is apparent that the top 1% will NEVER allow it to occur.  It also seems to back what Barack Obama has been saying all throughout his campaign but it is even more obvious that the top 1% would rather assassinate anyone who attempts to implement the concepts necessary to reverse the ill effects of this entire premise.



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Soon, this website will have its OWN email address that you can contact but in the meantime feel free to access us through our corporate email Help Line!  If you are not sure of what WE tell you we will give you leads on who you can contact in your area, i.e, Better Business Bureau, Local Church Groups, Catholic Charities, Chamber of Commerce, etc.  WE will be the first to tell you NOT to trust anyone!  Trust is a GIFT that you have to willingly distribute among those you trust the MOST in this life!  We hope to be able to EARN that trust in time but we will be the FIRST to tell you to give it some time ... even when you are talking with US!  We have had over 15 years of helping the public on public websites and over 30 years of experience in helping people who are or have been our customers over the years.  Our last website was accepted and respected all over the USA and Europe and we encouraged people to email us 24/7.  We may not ALWAYS have someone to talk to you at 3 in the morning, but you might be surprised to find out that we OFTEN have someone available to talk with you around the clock.  We promise to treat every problem with kindness, compassion, and understanding, and with total discretion.  Your email address and any info discussed will never be available to third parties and will not be discussed within our offices, except with the person with which you speak or email. 



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Fun Facts pages on watt conversion, Richter Scales, and HAARP trivia


(Winged Enlil in case you are curious)

For the latest magnetometer readings click the link below ... this will tell you when HAARP is being used.

http://maestro.haarp.alaska.edu/cgi-bin/scmag/disp-scmag.cgi?date=20090831&Bx=on&By=on&Bz=on& submitForm=Update

This is the SWEET SITE you've always wanted to find if you were looking for earthquake reports, 2.0 or larger,  ALL over the WORLD~!  You can also go to the very top of this page and click on the quick-link!




Welcome to the Michigan Technological University Volcanoes Page

Sponsored by the Keweenaw Volcano Observatory.
Michigan Tech


You may also find this a fun site for information on volcanic activity and more.


Earthquakes, Faults, and more ...


for more 2012 info see our BLOG at
blog.2012pro.com today!

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Here NOW!

In order to Understand How WE can make it thru to the New Age of Aquarius we need to know how Previous Civilizations Lived thru THEIR "New Age" Changes.

If you go to the following link you will open a myriad of links ... the next link only has about 3 links but one of those will take you to a page that has MANY links.  Check the bottoms of all the pages as well and look for the links in red.  These will amaze and mystify you as well.  And those links go to many links and on and on.  What you will find is historical documents that go back to the 1800's and earlier and some findings in 1903 and some excavations in/around 1930.  Apparently work continues to this day and findings as early as 1993 have unearthed some AMAZING findings.  For instance, they found a shaft that goes BELOW the Labyrinth Under Giza and they found 7 chambers with ceilings of about 40 feet in height.  These chambers are MASSIVE and are as large as the main labyrinth.  In excavating THAT section they found ANOTHER shaft that goes to a third level beneath the pyramids and that is equally large.  The third level was full of water (since the Labyrinth has some areas beneath the Nile River) and when they pumped it dry they found a white sarcophagus.  You can read more about that as you go through the links.  IN ADDITION, there is an article about a 10,000 mph train that was designed and engineered back in/circa 1902 that would carry passengers and freight from Los Angeles to New York in THIRTY minutes.  ALSO, there is an article that discusses the labyrinth under the GRAND CANYON and I believe they have an idea where that entry lies.  I hope you spend the time to venture into this maze, labyrinth if you will, of information as it had me so amazed last night that when I called my security chief to tell him the news he thought that I was having a stroke.  Take your blood pressure meds before clicking the link below since this information is not only mind boggling, but some of it is no longer available to the "common man ... or woman" and I'm not sure how long it will remain in the internet.

Enjoy your travels.  After adding this last CHUNK of knowledge I must update the time it will take to complete this website from a couple of weeks to several years as each link opens up more links and I'm not sure if there is an end to them all.  Be sure to eat and sleep at 4 hour intervals so no one finds a skeleton sitting at your computer desk. :-)

Tales of Egypt and the Labyrinth Under Giza<<<<<

Information about the Tunnels Under Afghanistan that Depict the Annunaki Civilization is also among the links above.



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